Monday, April 22, 2013

Ducklings anyone? Ancona ducks for sale!

If you have read my blog for a while, you know how much I love my Ancona ducks.  Not only are they incredibly cute, waddling around the yard and garden all day, but they are also superb slug killers.  I usually detect hundreds of slugs in my yard this time of year, but this year?  Not a single one!
The ducks also give us three eggs a day - that's one egg every day from every single female.

I got these ducks from my friend Loren last year, and she has more for sale right now.  Loren does an amazing job raising her animals.  You think I baby my animals?  You should see Loren, with baby ducks stuck down her shirt to keep them warm, hand feeding them, training them to follow her like a mother duck.  Here is the info:

Ancona Ducklings - $10 (Rockport)

Straight Run.  Hatching by the moment...  
These heritage ducklings are from Holderread's original breeding stock 
at Boondockers Farm in Oregon. 

Bond with your ducklings as soon as they hatch. No shipping shock.  
Pre-hatch imprinting to whistle and voice. 
If raised properly, they will follow you and sit with you.  
They may have brown, silver or black patches on white. 

Great sluggers, hearty in colder climates and... they love the rain! 
Excellent for meat, eggs or pets.  

For more information about this rare heritage breed go to this link:  

Now taking orders... Please call 360-853-7432  


  1. Gottle sind die goldig!!!! Setz sie doch ins Flugzeug (aber bitte Firstclass!!) und schick sie nach good old Germany! Wir hätten auf alle Fälle noch ein Plätzchen frei!!! Wir bauen gerade einen Hühnerstall und tun uns auch Hühner her! Bin mal gespannt. Dicke Bussis Belli

    1. First class Entchen im Flugzeug... Hmmm, die wuerden ueberall rumscheissen! Sind suess, gell? Gut, dass du bald Huehner hertust, dann geben sie dir frische Eier! Bussi!

  2. Erica, I'm sorry, we don't sell hatching eggs! If you would like more info or ideas on where to get them, feel free to contact me, and I'll help you brainstorm!

  3. Corina, is there a chance to purchase the Ancona ducklings from you to be shipped to a destination in Europe?

  4. Ormien,
    No, sorry, definitely not. The animals wouldn't survive it!


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