Friday, July 12, 2013

Perfect life? Ahem.

Last week, the whole family picked U-pick raspberries at Cascadian Farm. As we gorged ourselves on the sweet berries while also managing to put a few in the bucket, surrounded by gorgeous mountain views and our laughing children, Steve mused, “I wonder if the people who read your blog think we have a picture perfect life”. I almost choked on a raspberry, laughing.Us, perfect?  I have wondered the same thing though. Do you read about our sweet farming life and do you look at all my beautiful pictures, thinking our life is perfect?

The Sahlin's are posing with our harvest

The reward for picking pounds and pounds of raspberries in the heat
The view from our ice cream eating spot at Cascadian Farm

I asked Steve, “What would you want my readers to know instead?” He answered, “Tell them about the dog poop on the carpet every morning.” (Yes, it's true. Our old dog Pluto is having problems at the moment, and every morning we wake up to dog puke or dog poop quietly stewing on the carpet.) He also said, “Tell them about mucking out the stinky goat barn.”

So you see, our lives aren't all sunshine and playing at the beach, smelling beautiful flowers, and petting little baby goats and chickies. Many mornings, I stumble out of bed into dog poop. Many days, I swear at the laundry that multiplies exponentially while I sleep. I am often too tired to do dishes in the evening, and then I wake up to an awful mess first thing in the morning. I don't even want to tell you about the times when I turn into a psycho with PMS, and how the sound of Steve chewing his dinner the wrong way makes me want to stab him with a fork. Then there are the days when Steve comes home from work, and I meet him at the door crying, because Eva's three year old behavior makes me want to take the credit card and fly to Mexico. Alone.
Where you see pictures of my beautiful roses and my vegetable garden, there was a lot of blood and sweat going on behind the scenes. Where you see pictures of thriving pigs, there were days spent schlepping feed to them in the pouring rain twice a day, and them biting a hole through my boot in return. Where you see cute little baby goats, there was a long night spent in the barn, agonizing about a difficult birth with stillborn goats.

But here's the thing: Writing my blog and taking pictures for it makes me put my life in perspective. It makes me step back a bit, looking at my life objectively, and realizing how damn good it is. Sharing my life with you in this way is like therapy for me, kind of like knitting. It calms down my hyper, production oriented self, and makes me focus on the beauty in my life, taking stock of what's real.
So let me show you the beauty of my life this week, knowing full well that it is not perfect, although it may look like it.
We received 63 little chicks in the mail to be raised as broilers.  We participated in two different birthday parties for our friends' kids.  And we ate a lot of food from our garden.  I spun yarn under the cherry tree, while being bombarded with cherries falling down.

Eva greeting a chick after drinking her blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry goat milk yogurt smoothie.

Eva's best friend Vija celebrating her birthday with us,  Look at these gorgeous (gluten free) cupcakes, decorated with freshly picked huckleberries and rose petals from the garden.
Lots of fun at a birthday party for the neighbors' grand kids.  Every kid gets a present so nobody feels left out.  Eva got a princess dress!

Garlic scapes - the garlic bulbs are almost ready to harvest
The blueberries will ripen soon
Borage growing by the squash
Larkspur and nasturtiums growing by the beets
Eva eating nasturtiums
A squash blossom waiting to do its thing
If you liked the last sun hat I knitted, and you want one for yourself, you can get it here in my Etsy shop.  This one is cream colored and turned out lovely.


  1. Oh you are a kindred spirit! I love this post, I've often wondered the same about my posts on my blog as well as on Facebook. I think that I use my blog as a positive outlet and am honestly really annoyed by all the negativity (sometimes) on Facebook so I try (most of the time) to have a more positive outlook on life. I don't think people think you have a perfect life, but you do have a lot of beauty around you and it's a blessing that you share it with others through your blogs. I love the poop story though, that's the real deal. Farm life=poop everywhere! Today, Victoria pooped and peed in her underwear at Fred Meyer. My lovely husband took her in the bathroom and got her all cleaned up, then she because she missed her nap I could hear her screaming in the house the entire 45 I was milking in the barn. Oh lovely day, it's quiet now and I'm enjoying it before I go to bed, and up at 5 to make cheese :) Bless you Corina!!! Great post!

    1. You have me laughing out loud at this, Jenni! The incident at Fred Meyer sounds familiar... it has happened to us! Aren't we blessed to have husbands that volunteer to clean up the poop?
      Happy barn building!!!


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