Friday, October 18, 2013

Return of the Primitive

I haven't told ya'll about Steve's new undertaking. He has a brand spanking new Etsy shop called ReturnOfThePrimitive. My man has been making traditional wooden long bows for several years, and he has gotten really good at it. He also has been teaching others how to make bows, and from the feedback of his students, he's a damn good teacher. I've observed him teaching, and I agree.

Being a type A German overachiever, I have encouraged Steve to produce bows and to sell them. I even made us a website, which still boggles my mind, since me and computers are usually not on particularly good terms. But I was really motivated to make a website to showcase all our different ventures, and it has paid off phenomenally. People actually find us! People sign up for cheese making classes and bow making classes, and some people even have bought bows off the website!

One of Steve's own adult bows.
One of Steve's own kids' bows.

I've had my own fiber related Etsy shop (not fiber as in eating your vegetables type of thing, but fiber as in wool and such) for years, so I decided to open an on-line Etsy store for Steve. In his shop ReturnOfThePrimitive, he now sells his bows for adults and kids and accepts custom orders. He also sells things made by our friend Greg: flint knapped arrowhead necklaces, flint knapped knives, and knife holders, all really gorgeous (and priced way too low, if you ask me).
I don't like to use my blog for promotion, but I'll do it for my husband, who is very marketing-adverse and hates computers. So here's the deal: If you want to order anything from his Etsy shop (ahem, click here), you can use the coupon code PRIMITIVE for your order. You'll get 15 percent off your purchase! And you'll get to boost Steve's and Greg's morale, so they can crank out more of their beautiful wares!
Here are some examples of Greg's art:

Look at these gorgeous salmon vertebrae!

More salmon bones made into beads!

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