Sunday, November 10, 2013

A gift for you

It looks like some people are already shopping for Christmas.  Saturday, I spent hours at a huge arts and crafts fair in Burlington, selling my felted hats, handspun yarn and goat milk soap. A lady who bought one of my felted hats said, "I'm already done with all my Christmas shopping, but I just can't resist this hat of yours."  I smiled politely while swallowing my impending panic.  People are already done with their Christmas shopping?  I haven't even remotely started thinking about it yet!
Since I'm the marketing person in our various family enterprises, I think I should get my butt in gear and give you, my blog readers, a Christmas gift.  I know there are many of you, judging from the amount of daily pageviews my blog gets, so here's the deal:

I want to offer you a coupon code, so when you go to my Etsy store, you get 20 percent off everything: felted hats, handspun yarn, goat milk soap, fingerless mittens, knitted accessories, all hand made by me.  And if you get your Christmas shopping done in my store, you can feel good about supporting my family.  Your purchases will go towards buying Christmas presents for our kids.  And hay for the goats.
Go to my store and at checkout, enter the coupon code BLOGGIFT and automatically receive 20 percent off.
Here are some of the things I make:

Felted hats with needle felted art on it.

Felted purses
Fingerless mittens
Knitting patterns of my own designs for mittens, hats and scarves
Handpainted, handspun yarn

Capelets and shoulder warmers

Super creamy goat milk soap

Forgive my shameless advertising here, but it's for a good cause.  And don't forget Steve's Etsy shop - there are lots of great gifts as well!
May your November be filled with stress free Christmas shopping, lots of time in front of a warm fire, and lots of hugs from loved ones!

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