Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So much love to go around

This week has overflowed with love, big time.  One thing happened, and I thought nothing else could top it, and then another thing happened, and my heart burst even more with love.
My sweet friend Emily asked me months ago to attend the birth of her third child.  Since I'm a natural birth junkie, and since I have adored Emily for years, I happily agreed.  On Monday morning, she went into labor.  What a well behaved baby, arriving on the due date, and conveniently starting labor in the morning!  When Emily called me to tell me that she was heading to the birth center in Mount Vernon, I jumped into the car and raced down there, breaking a few speed limits along the way.
What a dreamy day!  Her husband and daughter were there as well, and together, we wove a beautiful, sacred space for her to bring this child into the world.  It felt like such an honor to witness the birth and attend to my friend and her family.  It felt like a beautiful dance of being totally connected with her, while at the same time keeping her daughter comfortable and entertained, and her husband grounded.  They all did so well, giving each other love and support.  Oh, the joy of it!
I have given birth to all of my three children at home, feeling in my heart that a natural birth would be the gentlest way to transition from life in the womb to life outside of it.  So I knew exactly what Emily went through as she breathed through her contractions, and later, as she maneuvered through the intense transition stage just before pushing the baby out.  I held her hand and breathed with her, and it felt like we had become one.  What an amazing experience!!!
Ten or so years ago, I was privileged to attend another friend's natural birth as well, so I'm averaging a birth every two years!  Maybe I should become a doula?

My beautiful friends with their new baby.
The other amazing event this week was the Eagle Festival in my little tiny home town of Marblemount.  In January, many bald eagles congregate at our wild and scenic Skagit River.  We locals don't even look twice when we spot one of these huge birds of prey, but people from all over the world do.  People travel from far away to watch these majestic predators.  On the weekends, our little Highway 20 is crowded with vehicles and people with binoculars.  Eagle rafting trips take shivering people out on the river to give them a better view of eagles in their natural habitat.  The towns of Concrete, Rockport and Marblemount take turns hosting events on the weekends.  There are presentations, slide shows, flute players, Native American drummers, educational events, and so much more...

I sold my felted hats, handspun yarn and goat milk soaps in Concrete two weeks ago, and in Marblemount last weekend.  The stint in Concrete was disappointing because of the lack of people buying stuff, but it was still worth the effort, since I got to watch Sarvey Wildlife Center's birds of prey presentation.  They rehabilitate wild life, including raptors, and they do a lot of educational outreach to teach people about these birds.  My kids loved sitting in the first row and almost getting pooped on by a big bald eagle!

Saturday and Sunday at the Marblemount Community Hall was filled with visiting with friends, selling my wares, listening to my friend Andrea's beautiful poetry, accompanied by Peter Ali, an extraordinary flute player, watching a hilarious puppet show about environmental issues, dancing to live music, chasing my four year old daughter high on sugary brownies around the hall, shedding some tears over a Native American woman's ceremony, and so much more...
The energy in the building felt very powerful and sacred - everyone was giving stuff away, hugging, connecting, sharing deeply, being grateful.  I love my community.  I should never talk about moving ever again (when I'm in the throes of misery about the rotten weather and the lack of educational opportunities for my kids).  I love living close to these wild rivers dotted with bald eagles.  I love the fact that we never have to worry about not having any water to drink, since it is coming down from the sky in buckets.  I love the people we call friends, and even the larger community with its misfits and vietnam vets.  It's a rich, full life, this.

Eva in front of my booth, sitting on a sheep skin rug we bought from a vendor.
Andrea and Peter Ali.
My friend Christie orchestrating the puppet show.
Christie is not flipping off my kids there, but rather is teaching them a trick about remembering the names of salmon by naming the fingers.


  1. Love it! I miss being up there for all of you honey, always so glad to read this wonderful journal :>)

    1. Hey babe, and you know that if you will ever have babies, I'll be there for you!
      Miss you so much!


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