Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ice bergs, tooth in a lake, and anger...

This week, I took my three children and escaped to the mountains for three days. I desperately needed to get away after several separate crises happened all in one week. I was hurting, and on top of that I was mad at my husband and didn't want to be near him, so the mountains sounded like a great hideout.

Although we live in nature and are surrounded by beauty, every now and then I want to be in true wilderness, without any people, or sounds of lawnmowers or goats needing to be milked. I am so glad I made the decision to get away – not a small feat with three young kids in tow. Because when I got back, both my husband and I had gained clarity and a deeper appreciation for each other, and because the garden had grown, and I think the goats missed me, too.

Here is some of the beauty I found. Who needs a psychotherapist if you have this? (Well... I still do, but nature therapy is nice if your therapist is booked...)

These mountains are on what we call "the East side", because we drive East over the Cascade Mountain range to reach them.  Washington Pass, the highest point (about 5,500 feet) is exactly one hour car ride away from our house.

As we were driving over the pass with all this elevation gain, I kept flashing back to last year, when my then-ten-year-old son Kai and I rode our bicycles over the pass. I wrote about it here - it's worth reading.  And I thought to myself, that someone who can ride her bicycle up thousands of feet can deal with a little crisis and conflict.  I thought of the resilience and mental attitude adjustment a feat like this takes, and I started softening my heart.

For the next few days, my kids and I hiked our butts off, ate lots of treats, enjoyed each others' company (most of the time), and let our souls relax.  I'm proud of these children, so readily accompanying me on these adventures.  The secret: pack enough treats.

Here is one of the lakes created by the damn at Ross Lake, on the drive over.

On our first day we headed to Harts Pass, on a sometimes treacherous dirt road considered the highest road in Washington state.  Guess what we spotted on the way to the trail head?  Yep, that would be a mountain goat.  See?  I can't get away from goats...

We spent our next day in the sweet little town of Twisp, famous for its bakery with the best cinnamon rolls in the state.  We explored the farmer's market, stuffed ourselves with cherries (and cinnamon rolls), and let our skin get pruny at the local swimming pool. 

On our last day we hiked to a gorgeous alpine Lake called Blue Lake.  Ice bergs floated in green water (why do they call this lake Blue Lake?).  While biting into his sandwich Kai lost a tooth and left it in the lake as an offering, and I left my anger there.  Ice bergs, a tooth, and anger.  I think Blue Lake can handle it.

And when we returned home?  My homestead and husband welcomed me with all the beautiful offerings I have come to cherish: open arms and a tender heart, sunlight streaming through the trees, garden salads to be picked from the earth, animals to nurture, and my trusted, trusted friends the flowers.

And a little breather and peace until the next crisis hits.


  1. I felt my tension lessening, and breath deepening just looking at your photos. I'm glad you found a healthy way to restore some balance. Thank you for sharing Corina.

  2. Gosh did you up and move to Switzerland? That turquoise lake looks just like what I remember in Switzerland.

    I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles. Not to be trite but we all get them from time to time. And I can say for myself that living on a homestead or ranch (which is where we live), while beautiful and peaceful, can be just so CONFINING when there are animals and gardens and children and routine routine routine. One just needs to get away. I think the old timers packed up the horse drawn wagon and went camping or had a picnic by the river.

    I don't get mad at my husband but since he's really the only face I see on a regular basis (24/7) I admit that sometimes I get tired/bored/annoyed/I don't know. That's when I go visit my daughter who lives by the ocean and it's cool. He and I will go there, too. We've even been known to drive the 8 hr round trip just for 2 or 3 hours by the ocean.

    As a matter of fact, I'm due. Headed off to Santa Cruz next week.

    Glad it all worked out.....

    1. Go girl! Get some ocean vibes and cool air!

  3. Hmpff.... Is it universal crisistime or what?
    Dealing with some "issues" around here myself, but if I had those mountains to run off to, I wouldn't mind as much, I guess. ;) Good thing you got to take a breather there.
    I have to make do with a fulltime job, a wife working nearly fulltime, a household in chaos and the realisation that it actually might be a good thing we do not run a full scale homestead around here, because it takes 2 to do that...
    I'm due for some time away by myself too. Been a long time.

  4. Ron, honestly, I think every single one of my friends has experienced this crisis time. Is say, hang on to our hats, and off we go! Take time away if you can! Your soul will thank you! Sending some good vibes your way...


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