Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My online cheesemaking course

Last month, when I launched my online cheese making course, I truly didn't have any idea how it would be received.  I did know that I worked very hard on this course over the past months.  I wrote e-books and took many photographs.
I made movies to demonstrate cheesemaking techniques, which was super fun because Steve took the movies and cracked me up a lot.  I collected and tested recipes (my family especially liked the cheesecake made with Chevre) and set up a virtual classroom on my website.  I was proud of my course, but nervous, since this was the first online course I ever designed and taught.

I shouldn't have been scared.  The course was an absolute success.  People were raving about it and wrote glowing testimonials.  During the four weeks of the course, people posted pictures of their Greek Yogurt, Chevre, Gouda and Cabra al Vino cheeses on our private Facebook group, over-the-moon excited about their creations.  I felt like a mother hen, clucking over my charges, watching their every move.  I am so proud of my students!

And the most surprising thing of all is how much fun this was for me!  I loved sending out weekly e-mails, checking our Facebook group for questions and show-off pictures, and leading weekly teleconference calls where I got to meet my students.  It was a diverse bunch from all over the country, even someone from Europe!

So here's the thing: I'm teaching this course again, starting September 21.  Even if you think you could never make cheese, I challenge you.  Yes, you can.  And in this course, I hold your hand every step of the way.  You know, like a mother hen.

I invite you to hang out with me and make some kick ass cheese.  You can totally do it.

Watch this very short movie I made to give you a preview and some free tips and tricks for successfully making cheese at home.

Free tips and tricks for successfully making cheese at home: Greek Yogurt, Chevre, Gouda and Cabra al Vino from Corina Sahlin on Vimeo.

Or go to my website to get more info, or to read the glowing testimonials (blush), or to sign up.  Click here.

And if you don't want to have anything to do with making cheese, maybe you could share this post or tell your friends about it.  Word of mouth is the best advertising, after all.

PS: The course starts September 21, and the early bird pricing ($59 for the whole thing!) ends September 6th (then it goes up to $79).  So if you know you want to participate, sign up now!  No pressure or anything.


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