Thursday, January 28, 2016

Raka, our new puppy

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you might groan "Not ANOTHER puppy picture!"  I know, I know.  I am a tiny little bit in love with our new puppy girl.  Not only is she cute, but she might also be with us through some major life changes.  Just think: She might still be alive when my now 13-year-old son Kai makes me a grandma, or my now 11-year-old son Luke graduates from college, or my now six-year-old daughter Eva gets married.  Oh man!  All I'm saying is, this dog will hopefully be with us throughout my kids' coming of age lives.  That's a big deal!  You know what I'm saying?

Meet Raka, which means "Grandmother moon" in Sanskrit and "Wolf" in Elven language.  I wanted to name her "Luna", since my beloved Pluto dog (RIP) was named after a celestial body as well, but her majesty Eva hated that name.  So Raka it is.

She's a Labrador-Chesapeake mix, two months old, with razor sharp teeth and claws, silky soft fur and a lovely, calm temperament.

Too bad the poor thing is so neglected and unloved at our house.  Ahem.

She is getting socialized with plenty of kid activity, other people, goats and neighbor dogs.  I think she will be a great dog.  Raka has an incredible role model to live up to, since Pluto was the perfect dog.

This definitely was the week of the dog.  Before we picked up Raka, we kidnapped a neighbor's dog who loves to come with whenever we walk by.  We spent a lovely couple of hours wandering to the creek, throwing sticks and enjoying a break in the non-stop rainy weather.

Just showing some of the handspun, handknit woollens that keep us warm and dry in winter

What are you in love with these days?


  1. She's adorable!
    And your son makes the exact same faces you do....

    We're going to get a new familymember too on sunday.

    1. Oh, Ron, how exciting!!! I do trust you are talking of a puppy on not a human child you will be getting on Sunday?

    2. None of the above, actually.
      A 2 year old Siberian husky/alaska malamut male, that needs a new home.
      And yes, that will be exciting!

      Another kid?? Please..... no...

  2. Okay. Yep. I get it. And a husky! Wow! They are beautiful (and known for killing chickens....)

    1. Yes, I know and here's where a big dilemma comes in. I have to figure out a way to have both coexisting peacefully.... more or less.

    2. Depending on whether your neighbor kills the foxes or not you will have more than the dog to worry about, neh? We built a chicken Fort Knox and now everyone is happy except the predators. I'm sure they case the joint every night with pouting faces (foiled again!)

  3. Such a lucky dog and such a lucky family ! I loved the way you commented on the future. It is sometimes difficult to see what will come.

    1. Sensing into the future also helps keep things in perspective, don't you think? It helps me to really appreciate what I have now, in this moment, knowing that it will pass.

    2. Gris fleur, it's IMpossible to see what will come but I agree with Corina that using one's imagination to think about what might come is helpful in many ways. Planning. Feeling peace. Anticipating chnage. In reality it may happen or it may not. We simply adjust to fit the situation.

      NOTHING is better than a new puppy. Even food! I love the pure bliss on the kids' faces. The dog seems very content as well. She knows she got a good family.



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