Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Perfect for Mother's Day, and a little something for you!

May 8th is Mother's day.  Although I have a tiny little prejudice against this holiday, since it's so commercialized, and since I think mothers should be celebrated EVERY SINGLE DAY, I do admit loving the attention I get.  My husband spoils me, which isn't anything new since he tends to spoil me anyway. 

My three kids, however, are typical little humans thinking that their mother will always be around, and that mothers were invented to keep shoving food their way, keeping their laundry reasonably clean, and dispensing bandaids when needed.  They have absolutely no idea what the job title "Mother" entails.  

I won't even mention pushing a baby out of the birth canal, since this act should earn us a gold medal, but I mean the day-to-day things: staying up all night cleaning up vomit and soothing feverish foreheads, reading "The Berenstein's" book for the thousandth time while fighting the urge to either nod off or rip the damn book to pieces, driving the kids to and fro for miles and miles and hours and hours... The list goes on and on.

Mother's Day, though (with my husband coaching them, I'm sure), my three lovely children bring me handmade cards, flowers, kisses, and proclamations of yours truly "being the best mama foreversakes".

Yeah.  It's all worth it after all.

Now comes the fun part for you:  I have kept a little online Etsy shop for years and completely neglected it.  A few weeks ago I decided that I want to close up this shop, since I can't give it the energy it deserves, and since Mother's Day is close, I thought I would offer you a very, very generous sale.

Everything will be 25% off until May 8th.  Click here to go to my online store and enter coupon code at checkout: mamagift

I have all kinds of lovely things that women like, and all these things are either handknit, handspun, felted, or handmade by me.

I have luscious goat milk soaps, felted hats and purses, knit hats, scarves, capelets and fingerless mittens, knitting patterns and tie-dye shirts.

Please buy your mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, any female relative an item from my shop.

Thanks for supporting my small business, so I can buy more yarn more goat feed more chocolate more groceries.

Head over to my Etsy store and at checkout, get 25% off with coupon code: mamagift


  1. Oh my everything in your etsy store is beautiful:)

  2. I recommend her goat milk soap. It smells lovely. It's creamy and seems like hard milled (maybe is but I don't know how hard milled is produced) because it lasts forever. There's not a hint of harshness and I lived in a dry place where everything seemed heck bent on drying out my skin. Corina's soap is better than Dove!

    1. Thanks! I should put you down as my testimonial page!

    2. Go right ahead. I would be honored.

  3. I just ordered some of your soap! Thank you so much for this lovely sale!

    1. Awwww, thanks so much for supporting my little business, Ruth!

  4. Would shipping on a bar ruin my economics?

    1. The bars are heavy... You have to go to the website to do the math, it will break it down for ya!


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