Sunday, October 2, 2016

September highlights at Marblemount Homestead - a short movie clip compilation

September was a marvelous month, filled with harvesting food from our homestead and adventuring in the beautiful outdoors.  I have some pretty awesome footage in my short highlights-of-the-month movie, where I feature a few minutes of some of the most special moments.


  1. Thank you for not putting any music! The music of Nature and People Having a Good Time is enough! I am so jealous of your rain! It just all looks so peaceful! And the silence there up in the mountains. Well, my tinnitus would take over but it would be wonderful just the same.

    1. Oh my goodness, do you have Tinnitus, too? I have had it all my life, and hearing loss to go with it. So it's never silent in my head...
      You were the one that gave me the idea of not doing music with music in the first place. Thanks for that!

    2. Ach yes but I haven't had it all my life. Just the last 15 years or so. Really diminishes my enjoyment of quiet but I'm pretty used to it. Wind in the trees? I think I hear it. I remember how that sounds from years ago. I think I got it standing next to the speakers in my youth but who knows. I also having hearing loss so when I'm in a room where there's a lot of noise I have to look at the person even with my one hearing aid that I could afford and really concentrate. Teaching art to a bunch of rowdy third graders can be challenging.

      Don't you think it's better without music? Life has silent spaces and does not have to be filled up every single minute. Judiciously placed music fits your natural lifestyle better.

  2. I love your video highlights! Your family adventures inspire me.

  3. Thanks so much for your great feedback, Tiffany! This is what keeps me going!


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