Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!!!

I spent the day before New Year's draped over the toilet boil, throwing up.

I bet a lot of other people did the same thing on New Year's Day morning, but their retching came from over-enthusiastic alcohol consumption on a New Year's party.

Mine came from good old stomach flu.

Alas, I feel better today, January first, 2017. And it's starting out absolutely beautifully, eight inches of newly fallen snow, and sunshine. SUNSHINE!

Lured by the magical white landscape, I put on a hat and jacket and dragged my body outside.  I hadn't eaten anything in 24 hours, so I felt pretty weak, but who could resist an opportunity to take photos of this?

On my stroll outside I discovered that the kiwi trellis collapsed under the load of heavy snow.

I also noticed that the greenhouse plastic had given away in some places.

And the outside swing by the trampoline, where we like to sit in summer, sported a huge white blanket.  I hope it won't collapse, too.

I just wanted to drop by here, queasy stomach and all, to wish you a happy new year.  I hope it will be a good one for you.  I hope all of humanity will unite to make the world a better place, as cliche as this sounds. 

But you know, we have work to do.  Let's do it!

I think this year will be an exciting and productive one for Marblemount Homestead.  We scheduled all our courses and retreats for this year, so watch for an announcement.

We also have another exciting announcement in a couple of weeks, so watch for it as well.  It's totally aligned with my soul's work, and I'm so thrilled I'll get to tell you about it soon!

I will leave you with an image of Steve, the best Daddy ever, and Eva.  When I was sick, he spent hours reading to her, taking her for walks, and coloring with her.  Such patience, such love.  He's my man, and he's the best one.


  1. Oh Corina I am so sorry you have the flu thats terrible. But what a great attitude and lovely pictures for 2017! You truly are an inspiration.The flu Seems to be going around everywhere. I hope you are right as rain quickly.Happy New Year to you and your family.

    I am excited for 2017 and hope its good for everyone.I have been dealing with a broken pelvic for 11 months and hoping this year before spring maybe it will finally heal and I can get back to my normal self.I have so much I want to do and haven't been able to.
    I really want to get back to gardening and use some of the different methods I have been reading and learning about.One using the broadfork.I have been looking at broadforks and trying to make a decision on which one to buy. Some of them are costly and want to make the right decision. We think we have narrowed it down to the Meadow creature or the one from Valley Oak.

    I am still researching and saving money before we dive in. Take care and once again thanks for the wonderful pictures.I love snow and we have only had 1/2 inch this year.


    1. So sorry you have to deal with a broken pelvis! Wow!
      I'm feeling much better today and even went for a walk with the family. It's unbelievably beautiful outside!
      Broadforks are great. I made a video on my youtube channel on how to use it and some tricks if it might help you.

  2. I was wondering how you were doing up there. I heard that the storm was tracking from the North-East and you were going to get dumped on. I only got a very light flurry with nothing sticking and at midnight we watched the fireworks and saw a beautiful star-filled sky. Happy New Year!

    1. Sheri, lots of snow, but sooo beautiful!
      Glad you got to see some fireworks. I missed the show!

  3. I did watch your video!It made me want one even more. I just don't know about our soil. Ours has so much clay and rocks. Your soil looks beautiful.
    I have been adding lot of things to our garden for many years, composted goat,chicken manure and leaves. Its better than it was but not as nice as yours.I just hope if we get one we can use it here on our ground.

    Your pictures really do show the beauty in your place. They are just breathtaking. You are really good at capturing all that beauty.I bet that walk was invigorating with all that beauty around you.

    It was raining here New Years Eve and windy. We have had so much wind lately. This morning it was a heavy,frosty fog and 26 degrees. It looked so mystical outside. I enjoyed doing chores in the frosty fog. It burned off and warmed up to 43 by noon.

    Hoping for some snow this year.Some of my family and friends think I am weird for wanting snow and liking winter but I really do like it. Take care.

  4. Happy (first day of the Gregorian calendar) New Year! I've been saying it this way for the past few days because Andy Jukes inspired me and because, as we all know, the seasons of the "people" are not the same as the seasons of "nature". For example, I have always tired of people saying Hey It's the first day of winter when the actual truth is that it's the Middle of winter. Well, so what? Nature will always go on in her own way the way she has always done and if we want to put something contrived on it she doesn't give one hooey that we do. So we go ahead and celebrate with the gathering together and that is really nice especially if you love and have loved ones. Which is abundantly clear that you do Corina! Your place looks beautiful and your home looks warm. What more could anyone ask for?

    I hope you get over the nasty very, very soon! Love and peace, Renee

  5. Merry Christmas To You. We also have shared some beautiful images and Wishes For Christmas 2017. Please have a look on my Website.

    Merry Christmas 2017


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