Saturday, February 24, 2018

Quality time with my man - and it's all free!

My husband Steve is unlike any human I've ever met.  Most people who have come in contact with him say the same.  He's completely non-judgemental and won't say a bad word about anyone. (Well, actually, he sometimes lets disdain flow when certain politicians are acting extra stupid).

He's incredibly kind, generous and filled with integrity.  He is balanced and stable like a solid mountain (except every now and then when he deals with computer problems, and then he swears like a sailor, to the utter delight of our children).

He gets interviewed by relationship experts on how to be a good man for a woman.  I'm not kidding.  I'll send you a link when it gets released.

He has learned, over our 16 years together, how to deal with my high and low tides of emotions... that I want him to listen and validate instead of fixing things for me.  

In other words: Steve is the complete opposite of me, and we make a great team.

The thing we've learned in our relationship of raising three kids, running businesses together, and homesteading the way we do, is that we need to make time for each other - time that doesn't involve planning a project or mucking out the goat barn or doing dishes together. 

So for Valentine's Day, Steve took the day off, and we went to Anacortes to play in (or rather on) Puget Sound in our kayaks.  But first, we tanked up with coffee and books.

We love Anacortes and Washington Park.  Although the weather was cloudy on Valentine's Day, the water was pretty calm.  I get scared of waves, because I don't have much experience in a kayak.  In fact, I'm kind of a wuss when it comes to large bodies of water.  You know, with all the monsters in it and stuff.

Talking of monsters: we saw a HUGE sea lion when we paddled around a bend.  Steve thinks he must have been over a thousand pounds.  He definitely checked us out, and I had visions of him diving underneath my little boat and messing with me.  And I never even watched "Jaws".  But that's my mind for you.

Do you see that pump sticking out of the water, in the upper right corner of the picture? That's our friend, the sea lion.

We also saw herons, bald eagles, and porpoises who jumped alongside our boats --- another reason for my heart rate to accelerate, because what if...

And then there's the long, errie snakes of seaweed and kelp bumping the kayak when you glide over them. 

On our way back, the sun came out for appropriately seven and a half minutes.  Steve and I sat in our little boats, gently swaying, with sea gulls crying above us, the smell of salt in our nostrils, and all I could think of was: "I am so completely and utterly happy right now."  

Okay, let's switch gears.  

Lemme show you another adventure I had with my man.  Snow!  Cross country skiiing!

As I write this blog post (Saturday morning), snow has been falling for many hours.  We currently have 18 inches of snow on the ground, and it won't stop anytime soon.

Steve and I cobbled together some skiiing gear from assorted second-hand shops, and we have enough stuff to make this happen.  So we headed out two days in a row to explore the hill above our little town.  

It was stunning, great exercise, and some of the best icicle viewing of my life.

There's a place called Marble Creek that's a campground in the summer.  There are huge trees and magical spots at the river.  And best of all - completely deserted.

I love this solitude.  It does the soul good.

What kinds of things do you do to nurture your relationship with your better half?


  1. You have a great relationship and what a wonderful way to spend time together, in such stunning surroundings. He has lovely long legs, something I find attractive in a man! As for bodies of water, I feel the same way, but then again, I have seen Jaws!


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