Thursday, November 8, 2018

Alive with Possibility ~ Corina interviews Julia Schneider

Here is a heartfelt interview about a very unique and super effective way to learn about why you might be struggling in life. It has to do with attachment styles.
In this interview with Corina Sahlin (that's me!) and Julia Schneider, you will learn how four very different attachment styles influence your life, how they have created pain, and how you can heal that.

If you want to go deeper, Julia Schneider offers a program where you can learn this and more:
- How to hear, understand and deeply trust your intuition.
- How to manifest the kind of a life that you truly desire.
- How to effectively overcome and transform self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviour patterns.
- How to cultivate and sustain healthy lifestyle habits that will support you in truly thriving and flourishing in every area of your life.
- How to cultivate and sustain incredible and life-changing relationships with the people in your life.
- How to work in your Zone of Genius effortlessly and on a consistent basis.
- How to evoke and effectively utilize your authentic feminine power.
- How to generate the kind of support that you need in order to powerfully co-create your destiny.
- So much more!

To find out more about Julia's program, CLICK HERE <---

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