Thursday, September 5, 2019

Part Three - The last installment of our visit to Germany

You might think we just hiked, biked and sweated our way through the Alps when we visited Germany this summer. But no. We had plenty of city and town time, too, because why would you not if you could see stuff like this:

Honestly, this house with its beautiful paintings and arches really isn't that big a deal, considering there is one like that practically in every town. Maybe not in every town, and maybe not as grand as the one above, but Southern Germany is full of them.

On that particular day, we went to Ulm to see its gorgeous Cathedral, the Ulmer Muenster, which is the tallest church in the world.  My sister and her kids climbed the whole thing with us. That's 768 steps, and a bunch of kids with fear of heights. You can imagine.

Also, the final stairwell to the top is a spiraling staircase that has barely enough room for one person, and I had to fight back a panic attack when we were stuck in it.  The view was worth it, though.

Ulm also boasts a famous and charming Old Town.  Two major rivers converge there, and you can find plenty of cute, romantic corners to sip wine.

We had fun being tourists that day, strolling in alleys, taking a hundred pictures, buying a Dirndl for Belli. Dirndls are famous German dresses that are suited only for women with ample bosoms, and since all my sisters possess those, they all look gorgeous in them.  I drew the short straw in the boob department in my family. It must have skipped a gene.  Alas, no Dirndl for me...

Let me leave you with images from our last day. We took a ski lift up a mountain, just to say we did, and ended up on the most gorgeous hike, meeting cows with gigantic bells around their necks. I tend to find goats everywhere I go, too.

From up there, we could see the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, an iconic German tourist spot.  I hate places like this, swarming with people and very expensive to visit, but seeing it through our binoculars was awesome!

There ya go. Germany. My homeland.

Keep your eye out for another blog post, where I will tell you about an opportunity to go to Germany with me next year!


  1. So incredibly beautiful. Don't you ever want to go back and live there again?

    1. Well... that's the question... I do love it there. I wonder if I could do something part-time. Half time here in the US, half time in Germany...

  2. Actually that's me, Renee. My computer is confused about my identity. My computer is a simpleton.


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