Wednesday, January 1, 2020

... and a happy new year and new decade to you!

We made it into a new decade, people! Frankly, our family was dragging itself across the finish line over to 2020, with snotty noses and deep, lung-rattling coughs, but nevertheless, we are here!

Here's what happened: We got hit with the plague. It was awful. It started three weeks ago for me, and I'm still not right. My voice is still incredibly deep and raspy. You'd think it sounds sexy, but it most decidedly doesn't. I sound like a chain smoker.

Alas, no matter. We are looking forward now, with bright (non-feverish) eyes, and we're excited what this decade may bring.

One of the things that will happen in the coming decade is three kids that will be grown and leave our home, like this guy, our first-born Kai who turned 17 three days before the century turned.

Sigh... I'm not ready for this growing up of children. I am digging in my heels, but no matter how much I furrow my ever increasingly wrinkly brow, it's happening. They are becoming their own people. They are turning into men, with broad shoulders and deep voices and insightful humorous remarks that causes me to wonder where these maturing people came from.

One of the side effects of teenage-hood is that the boys don't want to spend as much time with us as we are used to with our formerly homeschooling, adventuring lifestyle. Now, there are sport events, girl friends and ever-present phones that are so much more interesting than their old parents.

So this is why we purchased a used travel trailer, to resurrect old times of traveling and adventuring, and also to save money, because nowadays you can't afford taking a family of five to a hotel or Air B and B. Plus, you are not allowed to bring dogs.

Okay, okay, so I admit it: we bought the trailer so we could bring our dogs along. They are our children after all.

Just before we contracted this horrific flu, we took a maiden voyage with the trailer and journeyed to the salt water on Whidbey Island, which is less than one and a half hours away from our homestead.  It's magical, off grid, and right by the water.

We were crammed in the trailer like sardines, with wet dogs and sweaty teenage feet stinking up the beds, sand accumulating in the carpet, and the smell of rotting fish heavy in the air... but it was magical.  


You can ask the kids, and they will tell you so. They will say "Hey, our folks brought a trailer full of food and treats, it was all good." 

Yes, because food is the magic trick to make your teenagers wanna come travel with you.

The other thing that happened was Christmas: a mellow, quiet, sick affair at our house. I spent my precious free time on the sofa knitting a hat for Steve.

December didn't have a lot of free time for me... I've been working many, many hours every week coaching women from all over the world as a part of my job as Global Ambassador for Feminine Power. 

I love this job so very much, and this is why the blog has been quiet. 

I'm giving out a lot of energy every day, doing what I love and what I'm good at, and it has shifted my focus from the homestead and blog to this new soul job. I miss writing here, and sharing our lives, but I hope you understand.

For now, I'll leave you with images from our Christmas Day, which we spent by the river, dragging up salmon carcasses, warming ourselves by a bonfire, and grilling sausages on sticks.

Oh, and three more:

The first picture is poor little Eva sick as a dog, with Hazel as her steadfast companion in misery.

The second picture is our kids sitting at the dinner table after friends took mercy on us and brought us a gourmet home cooked and baked meal when they heard we were sick. Don't we have the BEST community??? (Thanks Delia and Merv!)

The third one is a particularly gorgeous sunset we captured in Bellingham, just for fun.

What's happening in your life? How are you? Did you stay healthy? Do you need me to come by with a meal???


  1. Happy New Year; health, adventures, opportunities and love!

  2. I well remember how hard it was when my own children grew up and flew the coop (seemingly overnight). Happy to report that they all turned out well, have wonderful children and spouses of their own - and love to be with us and each other at the holidays (and other times as well). Hang in there; it is all unfolding as it is meant to. Best wishes for a happy new year!

  3. Dear Mrs. Corina.
    It's always a pleasure to receive your posts in the email, read your stories and view photos on your blog.
    You and Steve made a wonderful family.
    And yes, one by one, they will fly out of the nest, as you and Steve once did.
    For this is the natural continuation of things, nests where life is generated, to fill the world.
    And don't forget that your nest is far away in Germany. And where was Steve's nest?
    I hope that at this time the family's health is strengthening and its daily routine is completely resumed.
    Your photos are always long awaited, and the most beautiful are undoubtedly those that contain the members of your beautiful family!
    And your furry children are very nice too.
    How would you mr. Spock: Long and prosperous life !!
    your friend in Brazil,
    Ricardo Kolbe

    1. I think this is most wonderful that Mrs Corina has a friend in Brazil! Happy New Year Brazilian People! - Renee in California

  4. Happy New Year Corina and family. I am so sorry everyone was so sick. I am happy that you are all well now. Maybe with a little lingering Marlene Dietrich voice! My baby bird flew the nest about 8 years ago and now she has a fantastic boyfriend, job and life. I remember when I flew the nest thinking the best view was in the rear view mirror! Then I came back later when I forgave them. Now we're close though not in proximity. We are healthy because I quit teaching in the public school. Sorry to leave that but better to have health! I need you to come with a meal. (for fun!) I'll pay the plane ticket LOL!

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