Wednesday, July 8, 2020

We are selling our gorgeous Marblemount Homestead!!!

When we moved to the Skagit Flats in March, we thought we would hold on to our homestead in the wilderness. So we rented it out to a great couple with kids, thinking this could be a win-win for all of us.

Then the renters suddenly inherited a house from a relative, and we would have had to find other renters. It was quite a shock, but the more Steve and I thought about it, the more we realized that we both felt in our bones that it is time to sell.

We have created an utter paradise on this homestead, poured our love, sweat, tears and blood into it, experienced a trillion memories on it. Two of our three kids were born under its roof. We grew thousands of pounds of food here. I thought they would have to drag me out of there dead.

But then things changed. Our family evolved. Our needs are different now.

It might come as a shock to many of my blog reading fans, but please know that we feel completely right about this decision (except our 10 year old daughter, who misses her friends up here). Are we sad? Of course we are. I will weep a river once we don't own it any more. But it's the right decision for us.

So if you want to look at the ad, and better yet, pass this on to your homesteading friends, please share either this blog post with them,

In the meantime, here are the pictures of the ad. You have to actually click on the link to find out all the specifics though.


  1. OMG as a retiring real estate agent you are going to have buyers lined up out the door if you have it set at the right price. If it's a tad bit low you could very well get into a bidding war. I hope you are advertising it in the Seattle area and have a good agent.

    As a retiring person I applaud your decision. No baggage in life unless its productive baggage! That's what I say. I'm not privy to your inner thoughts but I would have asked why do you feel you need to sell? Owning rental property is the tried and true way to financial independence.

  2. Marble Mountain Homestead is truly a gorgeous place in every respect, Corina. I can see that you poured your heart and soul into it all these years. But perhaps one of its most profound gifts to you is that the land nurtured and inspired you in such a deep way that you all evolved beyond it. And because nature is the original change agent, she knows all to well that no one can be prevented from growing and changing once they’re ready to break free. So that is what you have done - broken free. And now some new and very lucky folks get to follow their dreams and invest their hearts and souls into Marble Mount, making it their own. Your legacy continues - what a blessing!


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