Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Goofing off in Scottsdale

We've been goofing off in Scottsdale, AZ, where we've been hanging out with Steve's parents Donna and John in a fancy time share with swimming pools, jacuzzis, two apartments with kitchens and three TVs. The kids love the pools and TV's, since they have neither at home. The accommodations here have worked out perfectly, since it rained for three days straight. This is quite rare here, and I am glad we waited out the downpour in this spacious time share instead of the RV.
We have spent our time playing games, watching too much TV and preparing big meals in the kitchen, where I can dance a jig if I please instead of bumping into various kids. We also went to a famous music museum, which sounds kind of boring, but was very fascinating, educational and hands-on.

The boys and I went for a hike one day, and on Tuesday, the sun finally decided to make an appearance, and we played in the pool.

Steve and I even got to go on a date! A real date! We went on a hike to Pinnacle Peak, where I didn't feel like going to since it is in the middle of town with lots of hikers and joggers. But once we started hiking, I became enchanted. What a beautiful hike! The dramatic sky really spiced things up a little.
After the hike, we went to an excellent wood fire pizza place with the perfect ambiance for a date (low light, nice music, awesome food). It's amazing how relaxing a meal can be when it's just me and my man! Steve had researched the best restaurant in Scottsdale, and a Gelato place came up. We went there after dinner and stuffed our faces with the best home made Gelato we have ever consumed. We could barely walk out of there with our bellies seeming to drag on the floor!
Then on to see a great movie. I would call this date unforgettable!

Steve's parents had taken the kids to all kind of activities while Steve and I got our alone time, and they had a great time as well. Donna and John live for their grandkids, and it makes my heart so happy to witness the love in their eyes when they interact with my kids. There is something really special about knowing that someone loves my kids as much as I do. It's quite an amazing bond, this love between grandparents and grandkids. We are blessed to have them in our lives.

The other amazing bond I got to witness was with Auntie Jane, Donna's aunt who has been like a mother to her. She is a 92 year old lady who still lives independently and radiates warmth and humor. We visited with her one afternoon, and I wish we could have spent all day with her! She is full of stories and recounted some of them for me. I learned a lot about my husband's Swedish and Norwegian heritage, which is important to me, because this blood flows in my children's veins.
I don't know what it is about old matriarchs that warms my heart so much. These are the women who hold ancient family stories that would be forgotten if it wasn't for them. Their knotted hands with papery skin have nurtured numerous children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, have cooked thousand of meals, have mended uncountable pieces of clothing. Their eyes might have countless wrinkles, but they still shine with a lot of life and wisdom.
I want to be like Auntie Jane when I grow up.

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