Friday, May 24, 2013


This week has been filled with shock and disbelief.  The first tragedy: A few days ago, my friend and distant neighbor Scott died tragically, slamming into a tree in his car just a mile from our house.  I met him years ago because of goats - he and his wife bought some of my goats, and since then, we've been through some pretty intense experiences together.  I've helped him with difficult goat births and also disbudded his baby goats with him.  His humor in these difficult situations always lightened the mood and made things easier.  Just the other day, he came over to my house to show me some cheese he had made after taking one of my cheese making classes.  It had been aged over two years, and it was outstanding.  He was so proud of it, and so he should be.

Our family drove by the accident a couple of hours after the accident had happend, but we didn't know it was Scott who had died.  I found out the next morning, when his wife Deborah contacted me with the news and asked me if I could help her sell their goats, since she can't keep animals without Scott, and because she wants to raise money for the funeral.  Scott was 54, and I can't stop thinking about him and his wife.  I've been sick to my stomach ever receiving this devastating news.

So I am trying to do my small part in helping her.  I loaded up their goats this morning, and they got shuttled them to my friend Michelle's property, where there is more space than on our little homestead, and where the goats will live until they are sold - hopefully for a good price to help Deborah with all the expenses she is faced with.  Will you help me and do your part and pass this blog entry on to any people you know who might be interested in goats?

There are four wethered males, all one year old, sweet as can be, and really pretty.  They don't have to sold together, so if someone just wants to take some of them, that's great.  There are also two six week old babies.  One of them is from my goat Gracie.  Wethers are incredibly sweet pets, not stinky at all, and can also be trained to be superior pack animals. They are wonderful brush clearers and don't need much maintenance at all.  My kids love, love, love playing with the babies.

The other shocking news this week was yesterday's Skagit River bridge collapse.  It made national news, so some of our friends and family knew about it before we did.  It's a bridge that we drive over all the time on our way to go shopping.  Steve had driven over it just a few hours before it collapsed, and so did several of our friends.

These two tragedies freak me out and spike my anxiety, but also make me really, really grateful to be alive.  This week, I have held my kids a little closer, kissed Steve a little more thoroughly before he drives off to work, and picked up the phone to tell my friends I love them.


  1. Hi Corina,
    Yes, I know what you mean about feeling anxious but grateful, all at the same time. I am so sorry to hear about your friend and neighbor. We would really like to help them out with a donation of $30. We talked about buying a goat but we've got our hands full with our own little "goat", otherwise, we'd be very interested as our lawn mower is on the fritz right now! ;)
    Let us know if you think Deborah would be open to a donation. We'd really like to help out.
    Big hugs and kisses to you all. We love you!
    Margaret & Brian

    1. Dear Margaret,
      Thank you so much for your donation. You are such a treasure!
      I bet your little goat would love a real goat! Ha! Can you imagine Penny chasing around a goat in the backyard?
      Love you lots!


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