Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bonfires and headaches

Alpenglow at the Skagit River
This has been one of those days when my heart feels so tender and grateful that it could burst out of my chest. All day long, I have had the house to myself, without any other person in it. It feels so peaceful and luxurious, and I have spent five consecutive hours on the sofa, reading and finishing a book that has grabbed me. My day started with a headache, so I drank a cup of coffee, which I NEVER do. That didn't stop the headache though, and I was worried it would spiral into a migraine. Ibuprofin came to the rescue (as well as hours on the couch).
I miss my children when they are gone, while at the same time really appreciating the quiet and orderliness of my house when they are not in it.

I think one of the reasons I feel so drained is our crazy day of working in the yard yesterday. We cut down several huge trees to make more space for the sun in my vegetable garden. The whole family was involved in this endeavor: cutting, dragging branches, loading them onto the truck, and then burning them in a huge fire. It was a looooong day, and I felt my age at the end of it. 
Eva helps
Steve and the boys are working hard
I used to be so proud of out-working “the guys” in years past, when I did hard physical labor with men my age (or younger). Now? I'm 41, and my body has limits. Thank goodness I am no longer driven by my old macho attitude of being better then “the guys”. Still, I have the tendency to push myself too hard when I work with my body, especially after the endorphins and sweat kick in. It's hard to pace myself. I'm a type A German, after all...
At the end of the day, we collapsed around the bonfire with some friends who stopped by.  

See the speck of moon above the flames?
Let me leave you with an image of Eva, tucked away in a house made from sticks and moss.
And then there's the felted hat I just finished, with a bird I needle felted onto it.  Have a great week!

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