Wednesday, August 13, 2014


If you are like me, and you have lots of projects that need to be finished but never make it to the list of priorities, I advise you host a wedding at your place.  That's what we are doing.  This Saturday, our dear friends Brandie and Bradley (from Arizona) are getting married at our homestead.  We are weeding and mowing and gussy-ing and cleaning and trimming and pruning like maniacs.  Our place looks stunning (except behind the rented port-a-potty, where, for some reason, random crap still lingers).
I am freaking out slightly worried about the weather.  A few days ago, the weather forecast predicted sun and 96 degrees on the day of the (outdoor) wedding.  Now, it is pouring, and there is a chance of rain for Saturday.  Since the bride and groom don't seem to be too worried, I shall settle down and think positive thoughts.
Brandie and Bradley brought their little dog Watson with them.  He seems to be very interested in the big dog-looking animals who also sport curly tails, like him.

We are not just working to get ready - we are also allowing plenty of time for fun.  For example: hiking one of my favorite mountains, Hidden Lake Peak.  This is a pretty strenuous 9 mile hike that you might not want to undertake on the hottest day of the month (ask me how I know).  It was a hot magical hike, with lots of sweat wild flowers, giant patches of snow for sledding down on, a fire lookout on top, and very sore knees great conversations on the way down.  I still can't believe tiny Watson made it all the way to the top.  And down again.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

It was hazy because of the wild fires on the East side

Watson was hot, like the rest of us, but the hell of a trooper!
Kai putting up with my constant picture taking.  Thank you, Kai.
And that would be Lukas, throwing snow balls at his brother.

The Sahlin family, minus Eva, who wouldn't have lasted five minutes.

Doesn't this picture look heart stoppingly dangerous?  That's because it is.
Hidden Lake, with ice floating in it.

Steve and Bradley
I will leave you with an image of last week's market in Marblemount, where Kai and Lukas provided musical entertainment with fiddle and keyboard.  They also sold a record amount of their own tie dye shirts, birdhouses and carved spoons!


  1. Thanks for sharing the adventure and the photos. Great to see you continue your passions and fun with your lovely family and friends. Where you live is gorgeous, so pristine and healthy. May you continue to thrive and be anchored in your heart-full life!

  2. Thank you, Tuyet! We feel very blessed for our lives!!!


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