Friday, August 29, 2014


Some people seem to think that home schooled kids don't get enough socialization. Ha! Really?  I think our home schooled children have more social interactions than many of their peers. Our lives are a whirlwind of activities, parties, get-togethers, playdates, and events. Take last week, for example. The week started with a knap-in on Whidbey Island, where flint knappers got together to practice their trade. The kids flint knapped and practiced archery with the seasoned, old farts folks.  Luke wore the buck skin shirt he made.  Don't worry, the deer he is shooting at is not real.

The next day, they hung out with one of their friends at the creek, and then a few days later, they spent two days with another friend, at another creek.  When I say "hanging out at the creek", I mean more like throwing mud at each other and hurling themselves off a log into the ice cold water.  The picture below reminds me of a picture I took of the pigs a few days ago.

Their friend Alden.

Their friend Charlie.
That same week, we took their pal Charlie on a hike to Heather Lake, and later back home to a sleepover.  Charlie is another home schooled boy, and he is delightful: extremely polite, charming, well behaved, considerate, and kind.  Plus, my kids adore him.  They had a blast on the hike, and later after the hike, when they played rowdy football until dark.  Then there was a sleepover in our Fort, and then the next morning at 7am another rousing game of football.

That's Steve and the boys in the lake.  Me?  No. 

And with all these activities, we managed to attend our friends' housewarming party, which turned out to be super fun - for us and the kids.  We have such an awesome community of friends.  Here is Eva with her best buddy at the party.  Yes, Eva is also getting lots of socialization, despite being home schooled.

Let's see, what else happened this week?

Preparing the figs from our tree for dehydrating:

Having the roofing delivered so Steve can start putting a new roof on.  After many days of hot weather and sunshine, it promptly starting raining after the roofing delivery.

Also, I cut into the Cabra Al Vino (wine soaked) cheese I made a few months ago.  Isn't it pretty and oh-so-fancy?  And doesn't Steve look oh-so-happy for getting to try it?

I will leave you with a picture that shows that fall is coming.  There are plenty of crunchy leaves on the ground.  The air is getting colder.  Mornings feel autumn-y...

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