Friday, February 13, 2015

Blessings at home

When we got back from our five-week road trip to Arizona, we were greeted by some amazing things:

1) One duck egg. Our ducks haven't produced any eggs for several months, and their welcome present was to start laying again.

2) A crocus. It's a little scary to have stuff bloom in the middle of February, but it sure is pretty to be greeted by this loveliness.

3) Pluto. My 14 ½ year old dog seemed confused (he is very senile), but happy to see us. I took him for a walk, and although he enthusiastically comes with me, he seems stiff and stumbly. The tumor on his back end has grown. This dog is my first child - I have known him longer than my husband. I know my days with my dog are numbered, and I cherish them.

4) The sun and mild temperatures. The weather forecast predicts the same for a week! I am sitting in the yard with a T-shirt, writing this. However, I can tell (and my friends assure me) that it has rained a lot here. The earth feels spongy and saturated. Creeks, rivers and puddles are overflowing. I am so glad the weather gods are really smiling on us spoiled Arizona-sun-drenched travelers. I don't know what I would have done if it had rained non-stop upon our arrival.

5) Bald eagles soaring on my first walk to the creek. Oh, I love the Pacific Northwest, rain and all. Everything is so GREEN. After weeks in the desert, our place feels almost obscene with its wetness and fertile smells. The smells! The earth is exhaling fumes of spring already, and I have to keep myself from throwing myself onto it and sticking my nose into the moss covered soil.

6) Kale and collards from last year growing in the greenhouse. I am so relieved I don't have to buy greens any more – it always feels wrong to buy veggies, because I grow them myself most of the year. But for a few months in the winter, this is not an option. A few hours after getting home, I ordered seeds from Territorial Seed Company. I can't wait to start my onions in the next few days!

7) The cat, who is supposed to be an outdoor cat, but has been let in by the house sitter. He is getting very, very comfortable on our sofa – unfortunately, because I am allergic to cats. We are going to have to kick him out and start new habits, although I wish he could live inside. It looks so domestic and cozy, with a cat presiding over the living room, don't you think?

It has been a full time job for Steve and me to unload the RV, put everything away, clean stuff, and do many loads of laundry.
Now, we are catching up with friends, and very soon, Steve will be gone all day, working his butt off so we can go travel in the winter... I am so grateful for this man and our (unconventional) life.


  1. Yes, we are glad that we are home!!!

  2. I love to hear of your adventures!
    You have a beautiful family, homestead and life!
    Welcome back :)

    1. Key, welcome to my little online space here. Glad you like reading about our adventures!


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