Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A perfect Christmas present

If you have read my blog for a while, you know that I am passionate about inspiring people to live healthier, simpler, more sustainable lives.  You also know that I absolutely adore teaching people stuff (maybe that's why I homeschool). 

One of the topics I teach is cheese making, and before you shrug your shoulders and click away from this post, wait a minute!  Many people think that they are not interested in making cheese, that it's too hard or too time consuming or that they don't have milk, patience, or talent for it.  But that's not true!

Do you know how easy it is to make yogurt (and cheaper than buying it at the store)?  Have you ever tasted chevre right out of your own kitchen?  Do you know how fascinating it is to watch the alchemy of milk coagulating into a firm mass when you make Gouda?  Do you fantasize about impressing your friends with your own wine-soaked cheese?

Well.  Let me tell you: Everyone can make cheese.  If you are able to hold a spoon and buy milk (yes, pasteurized cow milk), or maybe even have access to goat milk, or raw cow milk (not a requirement), you can totally make cheese and yogurt with it.

This year, I designed an online cheesemaking course and taught 72 people how to make Greek Yogurt, Chevre, Gouda and Cabra Al Vino.  I was blown away by their positive responses and by the strong community it created.  Also, I loved how much fun it was for me to teach this course.

So I'm putting a little bug in your ear.  You could either take the class yourself, or (wait for this ---) give it to someone as a Christmas present!

I just thought I'd do you a favor and make Christmas shopping easier this year.  Who needs more ties, socks, or junk?  Give someone the experience of providing amazing food for their families, and learn an ancient skill at the same time!

I will teach my online cheesemaking course three times next year (one in spring, one in summer, and one in fall).  

You can find out more information about the course here (it's self directed, so people don't have to be "in class" at a specific time).  

Go to my website and scroll all the way down to purchase a gift certificate.  I will then e-mail you a pdf gift certificate you can forward to the recipient of your gift, or print it out to wrap.

Here are some of the testimonials from people who took my course:

After completing Corina's online cheesemaking course, I have the confidence to tackle cheesemaking without fear. I was hesitant to attempt to make any of the hard cheeses because of the details in the recipes and the specialized equipment needed. Corina explains when you need to be diligent and when you can sort of cut corners. She also shows how you can compromise on some of the equipment. Basically she gave me the confidence to go ahead and try. 
Cindy, PA

I have been making cheese for many years by reading books, talking to other cheese makers. Corina's course has taught me so much more. Her recipes are very easy and realistic. I am a much better cheesemaker from taking her course. I highly recommend it for whatever stage of cheese making you are in. It is so worth it.Kathleen, MA

I loved this class and feel very confident that in a couple of months my cheese will be as good as Corina's. Her videos, writing and explaining the recipes is wonderful and easy to understand. I would say yes you should take this class and you to can make beautiful cheese. Being a neighbor of Corina's I have tasted her cheese and I'm here to say it's very good and feeling confident mine will be, too. 
Cindy Lou, WA

I had always wanted to make my own cheese but was intimidated with all the steps and precision of it all. Corina and her recipes made everything seem easy and doable. And I did it! Made by me cheese! Thank you Corina!
Barb, British Columbia, Canada

​​I absolutely loved this cheesemaking course! Corina's instructions were easy to follow and the videos took all the guesswork out of the process. My family is thrilled with my yogurt and chevre (and can't wait for the gouda!).
Tracey, AL ​​

I have been making cheeses for years, and Corina's recipes yield some of the best I have ever made! Her encouragement and experience help me get the most from my goat herd. I can't wait to take the class again! 
Alexia, WA

Corina's instructions for making the best yogurt and chevre are the easiest in the world. If you were at all worried that you might not be able to make cheese, her course will get you over that. It's fun and delicious!
Renee, CA

Corina is a wonderful teacher. Clear and specific and very available! 
Lenore, WA

Your cheese-making class was perfect--I appreciate your low-key, practical approach and how your craft is an extension of your beautiful homestead. What you have created there is how I wish the entire world would do business--personal, hands-on and based on true experience. I can't wait to get going on making more cheese!
Marjie, WA
I loved this class!  ​It was full of great information, and Corina made it all interesting and fun!
Liz, VA

​Corina's online cheesemaking class is very fun and educational.  She is a wonderful teacher and has the patience of a saint.  She is able to troubleshoot any problems and come up with solutions.  
Leah, WA​
​This course gave me all the support and encouragement I needed to venture into cheesemaking. I have been so inspired and empowered by this experience that I'm even hoping to get my own goats soon. Thank you, Corina, for a wonderful educational experience! 
​Marianne, OR

Corina, you are indeed a cheese wiz! Your ability to teach via an online course is incredible! I looked forward everyday to learning more from you and loved the go-at-my-own-pace,  the way you teach! The time and effort you put into teaching us newbie cheese makers is so sweet and amazingly helpful! Thank you very much! I told my Facebook friends and family it was a great Christmas present idea!
Hope, WA

This course was terrific. I am pretty able in the kitchen and adventurous, but I really needed an extra push to delve into cheesemaking. Signing up for the class gave me the commitment I needed from myself, and Corina is quite clearly a competent teacher, passionate about her craft, and she has thoughtfully put this class together. I highly recommend it!
Sarah, GA 

I highly recommend Corina's on-line cheese-making course to anyone interested in embarking in the art of artisan cheese. Her course is very well put together and easy to follow. Very professional, but also authentically personable. The opportunities for interfacing with class participants from around the world helps to create a fun community.
Maxine, WA 


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