Friday, February 26, 2016

Beaming beauty your way

For all the folks who can't see evidence of spring yet, it IS coming.  
The Pacific Northwest has broken a record for winter rainfall.  Between the beginning of December and Thursday night, a total of 22.78 inches fell in Seattle.  And since the area where we live gets much more rain than Seattle... you know.  It's been dreary.

But look here:

I started my onion seeds on Valentine's day, and look what happened:

Oh yeah, baby, spring is on her way, although she is taking her time about it.
In the meantime, we wait.  And every time the sun comes out, we scramble outside and absolutely worship it.

Let me beam some beauty your way:

The two dots in the sky in the picture above are bald eagles, soaring.

Other than dropping everything we are doing once the sun appears so we can be outside, we've been catching up on other chores, like making goat milk soap, pruning fruit trees, making sauerkraut (mixed with a little red cabbage for effect), and snuggling with the puppy.  Although everything that has to do with the puppy doesn't seem like a chore at all...


  1. Oh blast, from where I am sitting this looks like a spring holiday!! That 9th picture could be from some kind of exotic paradise brochure...
    Still white and frozen solid here, but temperatures are on the rise.....

    1. See? This is why I am blasting beauty your frozen way! There's hope!
      The ninth picture you are talking about is a ten minute walk from our house. I know... tough life....


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