Sunday, February 21, 2016

My online fermentation course - only two more days left to get 10% off

I hate, hate, hate the idea of being sales-y.  I don't like promoting myself, yet I realize that although I did send out an e-mail to people who are signed up on my mailing list (YOU, dear one!), I never wrote a blog post about it so that other people can find it too.

So I'm just popping in to tell you that there are only three more days left for my 10% off coupon for my brand new online fermentation course, so instead of paying $39, you will pay $35.10 for the whole thing.

Coupon code: gethealthy (expires Wednesday).

And just in case you didn't realize: My course is completely self-paced.  So once you purchase it, you can complete it all on your own time.

So here is the info about the course:

After getting up at 5am every morning for two months, after neglecting my poor children and husband (and laundry) for too long, I am proud to announce that my hard work has paid off.

My online fermentation course is up and running!

I am totally excited, and also scared, because I put so much hard work into it, and what if people don't want it?

It's a self-paced online fermentation course, and people will learn how to make Greek Yogurt, Beet Kvass, Sauerkraut, Kombucha, and No-Knead Bread.

My ebooks and demonstration movies we filmed in my kitchen will teach you how to make incredibly healthy and tasty fermented foods and drinks, and save lots of money!  It's so much cheaper to make your own!

The course is only $39, and for one week only, I will offer it at a 10% discount to entice you to purchase it, and have your life changed by it.

Discount coupon code: Gethealthy.

Hurry, the coupon expires February 24th!

This course has the potential to change your life, since fermented foods will strengthen your immune system, improve the probiotics in your gut, and help you absorb the nutrients in your food much better.

You can read more about the health benefits and how much money you will save by making your own fermented foods on my website course page, or if you are ready to buy the course, go directly here.

I hope to see you in my online classroom!

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