Sunday, August 28, 2016

August highlights here at Marblemount Homestead

Ohhh, what fun August was!  Lots of harvesting, eating, cooking and putting up food from the garden, we hosted another kids weekend summer camp, spent many hours in glacial creek water to cool off, visits with friends...

Here is a short video recap.  These little movie highlights are becoming a favorite with many people.  I hope you enjoy them, too!

Click here or below to watch the August movie.  My favorite is the scenes with the goats and the dog playing.  Or maybe it's the pigs being sprayed with water?  Or maybe it's the kids jumping off a cliff?

Did you miss the last two ones I made?

Here is the one for July.

Here is the one for June.


  1. Shame that you think tethered goats being tormented by a dog is some sort of fun.

  2. Dear anonymous: First of all, I NEVER tether goats, because that is plain cruel. My goats are being walked on leashes, so they can eat fresh pasture every day. Second, my goat loves playing with the dog - in fact, she instigates playing with the dog herself. Third, shame on you for leaving passive aggressive messages without revealing your name. My animals are treated like royalty at my farm.