Monday, November 7, 2016

Major milestones and a cause for celebration

This week we hit some major milestones over here.

Let's start with maybe not the most important, but possibly the most exciting:

Milestone #1:

My blog was selected to be among the top 100 homesteading blogs on the web.

I think that's kind of cool.  I started this blog exactly 4 years ago, just for fun as a creative outlet, and to keep my family in Germany and Steve's family in the Midwest updated about our lives.

It has morphed into a huge free resource for people to learn and be inspired, with a loyal readership and great relationships forged.

Wow.  Thanks for reading this blog.  That means YOU.  Thank you.

The goats also appreciate it, because they like being famous.

Milestone #2:

Eva turned 7 years old

This is a little bit of a problem, since she is my baby, and this growing-up business is happening entirely too fast.  She is turning into a fine young lass, yes, but the fat baby cheeks are gone.  Gone, I tell you!

We had a party at our house and shared it with her friend, who was born on exactly the same day, just a year earlier.

With some other little girl-friends celebrating, and two older brothers in attendance as well, the noise level in our house was frightening.  

Several interventions were needed, namely pulling a splinter out of one girl's foot, putting an ice pack on one son's lip after he accidentally got elbowed by a little girl, playing referee when feelings got hurt, and applying yet another ice pack to a girl's hip after she fell on the floor due to a misjudged distance to a pull-up-bar.

Nothing a little homemade cake, whipping cream, and presents couldn't fix, though.

Milestone #3:

Record rain fall in Washington State.

We are used to soggy weather here in the Pacific Northwest, especially where we live, butted up against the mighty North Cascade Mountains where all the moisture gathers and releases.

But, man oh man, this October was even wetter than usual, breaking records all over the state.

This means we are trapped inside all day, and as soon as the rain stops, we rush outside, frantically breathing in the fresh, washed air.

And if a miracle happens and the sun comes out?  

You can find us at a local river, fishing or building fairy houses.

The boys have been feeding the goats, ducks, pigs, and chickens because I injured my back.  The other day, I felt especially grumpy, and I realized I hadn't been outside all day, since the boys are taking care of chores.

So I grabbed my camera and headed outside when there was a break in the rain.  The world awaiting me there felt enchanted - wet, dripping, sparkling, with mushrooms everywhere.

I will leave you with foodie images, because goodness gracious, my life revolves around food.  

There's still kale growing in the garden...

My son is making granola and bread every week...

Eva and her friend helped me collect rose hips for tea...

PS: With all this time indoors, I've concentrated on improving my website. Check it out here.  What do you think?


  1. Congratulations! Who bestowed the honor? I hope this mean you will be making a hearty revenue stream to help "support your habit" (being a homesteader which is not, in and of itself, a way to get "rich").

    Everything looks great on the HS.

    Happy birthday Eva!

    Your new website looks great!

    1. Renee, it's funny: people assume that if you are a successful blogger, you make money.

      Not at all.

      The only financial advantage to having more exposure is that more people see our online offerings and learn about our courses, which of course doesn't translate into everyone buying them. And I hate "advertising" our stuff on the blog, since I don't want people to be turned off by my self-promotion. But that is my own problem, and I have to work on that!

      Thanks for your sweet comments, and thanks for being a loyal reader!

    2. Yeah, I suppose if you replaced all your "how-to's" with ads then you'd make money off them. But that's gross so thank you for not doing that. I'm yours for as long as you want me.

  2. I googled Top 100 Homestead Blogs and, sho' nuf, there you are, at #44. Very nice.

  3. You guys are the best! ❤️

  4. Sheesh.... bare arms, greens, picking fruit....
    We are having negative temperatures during the day, snow in the air all day and a bone numbing north or north eastern wind.
    The "grattis"-part I already did, but I guess another one for your top 100 ranking is in order, so..... grattis!!!!

    1. Wow, snow? Brrrrrr!
      I chewed the girls out for not wearing their long-sleeves, but it WAS a warm day.

    2. yeah well, at least now my profile picture is accurate again! ;)

  5. congratulations to all of this, corina... you bring such lightness and warmth into our lives! smiles from the bodensee :-) julia

    1. Oh Julia,
      My old home, the Bodensee!
      Sending love and light back to you!


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