Monday, November 28, 2016

One day left, and a new baby pixi hat

Yesterday, I noticed that I never took pictures of the baby pixi hat I knitted a few days ago.  I knew that it wouldn't fit my seven-year-old daughter, who is usually my model for kid's hats.

Then I remembered that our friend and neighbor had family visiting over Thanksgiving - with a REAL baby!  I called them to ask if they would be willing to let me borrow the kidlet for a little photo shoot, and they came right over.

I'm so glad they did, because look!  Is she the cutest baby ever?

But what I want you to do is tear your eyes away from the cute baby and look at the hat.  Because it's for sale in my Etsy store, and I still have my 15% off coupon for you, but only one more day.


Actually, as soon as I listed the hat, it sold immediately.  So now I am taking custom orders, and the cool thing is that you can choose different colors.  Here are the colors:

I am a super fast knitter, so I can crank them out pretty fast in time for Christmas presents.

I have lots of other things for sale as well.

Also, I offer the same 15% discount for my online workshops to learn cheese and yogurt making, fermenting foods (including the best bread you will ever eat), chicken raising, and soon-to-be-announced my knitting tutorial for fingerless mittens.

Coupon code for 15% off - expires Tuesday midnight:



  1. That is the cutest hat. I finally was able to tear my eyes away from looking at the cute beautiful baby! That bread looks incredibly yummy. I can just hear the crunch as you rip a hunk off and see the soft, hot interior waiting for its butter. What kind of oven do you have? I was thinking of asking my lovely Marty to help me build and outdoor Italian pizza oven. My stupid oven is electric because ripping out the wall and running line through the concrete slab to add propane is beyond us at this time.

    1. Isn't this the cutest baby?
      About the oven: this is the bread I teach how to make in my online fermentation course. It's made in a normal, electric oven, but the way it's baked inside of a pot makes it look like and taste like this: moist on the inside, with a beautiful crust!

    2. OMG that must be a recipe like the one from Grit mag bread making book. It a no-knead recipe and I love it. So easy. So good! Even a stupid electric oven makes good bread!


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