Sunday, February 12, 2017

Never in a million years did I think we would have this latest addition to the family

In case you read the title to this blog post and thought I am pregnant: I am not.

The new addition to our family is of the canine variety: a rescued Shih Tzu from the Animal Shelter.

Never, never in a million trillion years would I have thought I would ever own one of these ridiculous toy dogs.  But alas: now I do.  I'm head over heels in love with him.

Read on to learn why on Earth the Sahlin family now has a tiny dog.

I used to make fun of people who owned dogs that look like they ran into a wall.  But for over a year, I have noticed these little doggies, and more and more often I have exclaimed "Oh, how cute!", while Steve disbelievingly looked at me, his tomboy-motorcycle-riding, huge Saint Bernard-dogs-favoring wife.

And yet.  There's something about a little animal snuggled up on your lap.  And since I'm allergic to cats, and since our other dog Raka grew from a lap-sitting puppy into an elephant, I have been craving a little doggie.

On Thursday, we ran into our neighbors as we walked our (big) dogs, and I told them how much I have been craving the company of a lap dog.  Speaking it out loud made it real, and after the walk I got on the internet to look at dogs up for adoption at local animal shelters.

The Bellingham shelter, one and a half hours away from us, had a little Shit Tzu up for adoption, but they told me that six other families are already interested in him.

I knew we had to act quickly, because he would be gone in a second.  So the whole family showed up in the morning, 5 minutes before the animal shelter opened its doors.  I didn't really think that we would bring home a dog that day, but since 3 minutes after we showed up all the other people who wanted to adopt him appeared, we made the choice very quickly.

Yes, of course he needed to go home with us.

Naturally, we had brought Raka with us, and the two met and were very friendly with each other, so this sealed the deal.

Raka and Chowder (this is the name he came with) have sniffed each other, licked each other's fur, gently nibbled on each other, and I assume this means they will be pals for life.

The first evening we all spent together was quite the comedy show, everyone competing for space and attention on the sofa, and getting to know each other.

Of course we are showering Raka with lots of attention so she won't get jealous or sad that she is no longer a single child dog, and she's taking this change in stride.

She is even sharing her own personal sofa with her new boyfriend, who likes to perch high on a throne made with sofa cushions and blankets.

Yep, this dog has royal roots in ancient China all right.

I'm sorry to overwhelm you with dog pictures in this post, but this is kind of a big deal for our family, and since you will be seeing more pictures of our Chowder, I thought I'd introduce you.

Besides lots of rain and the snow finally melting a little bit, not much is going on.  Yet.  Soon, I'll start onion seeds and get my head wrapped around gardening, but for now, homeschooling, coaching women, and making good food are my priorities.

And snuggling with a little toy dog named after soup...


  1. awwwww! Yes so cute! Good for you for getting a shelter dog! My daughter in law got a french bull dog and we fostered him for a while. It was so nice lying on the couch with him sleeping on my chest. But he cost $2,000! Yes that's the right number of zeros! Ah! I would NEVER buy a dog that costs that much. Too many good free dogs out there. I'm so glad he and Raka get along. Our two dogs get along except when it comes to being petted and then Sam is the pig. "I have a competition in me. I want no one else to be petted!" Our two cats LOVE each other. I often comment to my better half that the cats mirror our relationship (except when it comes to grooming by licking!)Don't laugh!

    1. Okay. I'm trying very, very hard not to laugh.

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      Best rgs


  2. I think every lap needs a little dog. Chowder is perfect for you all. What fun adventures he will have. You'll have to bring him over for a play date with Buddy.

  3. Oh no!
    How could you?
    You went over to the darkside and succumbed to the evil influence of cuteness overload and puppy eyes!!
    A Maui holiday, lapdog.... You're not going soft on us, are you??

    And why am I picturing you, sitting in a rocking chair, grey hair in a bun, reading glasses on the tip of your nose, knitted blanket wrapped around your legs, dog on the lap and your husband shuffling around, bent over, holding a cane, trying to pick up the d*mn piece of firewood that just fell on the floor...


    1. Ahem.
      Honey, do you want me to take a video when I castrate goats?
      Or how about disbudding them?
      Or how about me shoveling wheelbarrow load after load of stinky, yucky manure, sweat and poop all over me?
      Then again, maybe you would like a visual of me slaughtering chickens.
      I hope that did it to erase the image of me going soft on y'all.
      Although... I am already that lady on the rocking chair, glasses on the tip of her nose, knitted blanket around my legs...

    2. Relax, just pulling your leg here.
      Everyone needs a break every now and then. I often wonder how folks kept on going back in the days. Sure they had no modern mayhem such as we have, but never getting away from home(stead)?

      However a good visual on slaughtering chickens would be a good one. Maybe I'd stop goofing that up and avoid making it such a torment for both sides.

  4. I love the rebuke to the "soft" comment ... of course you need a little nurturing and softness in your life! ooxx

    1. Yes, Ann, isn't that true? We all need a little softness in our lives!

  5. I am glad you got a new dog. Anyone going to the shelter to give a dog or cat a new home and chance for a new family and life is awesome in my book!!! Congrats and good things come to those who do good things. Just awesome.



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