Wednesday, March 1, 2017


It's March!!!  Spring and winter have a bipolar thing going on here in the North Cascades, where one day it's warm enough to prune roses in a sweater without a jacket, and the next day, huge snowflakes descend from the heavens.

First, I'll show you the crazy winter thing.  I took the first two pictures below on my way to pick up my son from a sleepover at a friends, along a deserted country road, covered by snow drifts and very slippery.  It's beautiful, though, isn't it?

This is at our friends' farm, where our son had the sleepover
Raka the dog is like "WTF? I thought spring was here?" Exactly my thought.

Now let me show you proof of the spring-like weather, which lasted exactly 8.5 hours, and which I used to prune my Old English rose bushes and weed buttercup from flower beds.

Steve, in the meantime, dismantelled a bookshelf that had been overflowing with books, dust, dead spiders and lost lego pieces for over a decade.  I finally got sick enough of it to make him take it down and modify it so it could fit somewhere else in the house.  Our whole living room looks different now, and I love it!

While Steve and I did our busy beaver impersonations, the kids spent hours building fairy houses out of sticks, cedar branches, ferns, lichen and moss.

Also?  I knit our new rescue doggie a sweater.  How could I not, obsessive compulsive knitter that I am, and knowing that my little toy dog gets cold in this crazy weather?

The little guy (now named Yoda) is loving our family, especially me.  He follows me around everywhere I go and cuddles up on my lap a lot, if I sit down long enough to be sit-on-the-lap-able.

You can imagine the mud around here, what with all that melting snow.  The little guy gets dirty enough that I have to give him baths in the sink.  He's a good sport about it, but he does look like a drowned rat.

What else can I tell you about?
Oh, yes, I started my onions on top of the fridge, since it's warm up there for germination, and they are now poking their heads out of the soil.  Can someone please tell the weather gods to quit this snow business and start on the warming up side of things?

Also: Mardi Gras happened in our little community, which is always fun.  People come all the way from Seattle, because our neighborhood band called "Jumbled Pie" plays danceable tunes on the back of a trailer in the parade, and everyone rocks out, dresses up, and eats candy like crazy.

Let me leave you with images of my goat milk soap that is curing before it can be used, and a beautiful mountain in a neighboring town where we went to watch a friend's Basketball game.

Is spring coming to your neck of the woods?


  1. I think they call it March because it's time to get going! We don't get snow here but it gets warm(ish) and then it gets cold (at night) again. Right now we're in cold (at night) but it's supposed to start getting warm all day. I love the picture of you and Eva reading together. Just wait until she's too big to go on your lap. My daughter is a quarter of a century in a few days! Our irises are up. One bloomed. We're planning our rebuild of the falling down fence and are poised to paint the house as soon as it warms up a bit more. What do I want to plant? Strawberries? Yes, March!

    1. Lots happening at your place!!! Do strawberries do well in your climate? I bet you have to mulch the heck out of them to keep the moisture in, eh?


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