Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Please subscribe to my new blog - it's even better

If you like this blog and the inspiration it offers, I want to invite you to subscribe to my new blog over at my new website corinasahlin.com. When you click on the link, just fill in your name and email in the pink drop-in bar on top, and you're all set.

My new blog is for mothers, but even if you are not a mother, and even if you are a man, you might get lots of value out of it.

My purpose with the new blog is to inspire, instruct and delight.  There will be hands-on information, multi media snippets like little movies, audios or written stuff - all short and sweet, because I know you are super busy and don't need more time in front of your computer. 

I sent out a survey a couple of weeks ago where I asked what you are struggling with as a mother, and what you need.  

I have received a huge amount of responses, and some common themes emerged.

A lot of you are struggling with Mama guilt, stress, overwhelm, feeling like not doing a good enough job and not being able to keep up, juggling too much, not making time for yourself, dealing with health issues because of this, lack of sleep, support or balance, and second-guessing yourself.

You are yearning for help, support, self care, rest, time, space, acceptance, joy, alone-time, self-trust, creative time, balance, a purpose beyond children, real connection.

This new blog will address these issues, as well as ideas on the things you listed how I could help:

- creative ideas for involving kids in chores
- sharing how to be imperfect but joyful
- teach mothers how to trust themselves
- self-care ideas
- podcast
- how to nurture self and family
- how things go wrong and how to right them
- how to do less
- offering hope and inspiration
- sharing resources and ideas
- connection with other like-minded mamas
- how to prepare healthy meals
- how to remain centered and happy
- behind the scenes from my life on how I do it all
- how to be organized 
- how to get through the day without feeling inadequate

I will do my darndest to share what I've learned, much of it the hard way.  I will show up like I do here: with a big heart, total authenticity, and a desire to serve.

So please come join me over at the new blog.  It's brand new and imperfect, and no one is there yet, so please come on over!

Or if you are ready to subscribe now, do it below!


  1. Awesome! And just in time for me. I had my son in January, 12 weeks early. It'll be wonderful to read about your thoughts, advice and ideas.

    1. Tiffany, wow, 12 weeks early! Is your son doing well now?
      Blessings to you, Mama!


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