Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A dream come true for me - and hopefully for you, too

I am happy to announce something very special, something I've been dreaming about for years:

A retreat at our homestead for women (click here to find out more) 

The theme will be:

relaxation, rejuvenation, nourishing, soul-searching, transforming your life, connecting, nature

Imagine this:

  • Relax in a hot tub with a mountain view, tucked under a giant cedar tree, sipping a complementary glass of wine (or raw goat milk, or kombucha, or herbal tea – you pick…)
  • Smell the home-cooked, fresh, organic dinner prepared for you, knowing that you will eat healthy, yummy food to nourish your body, and you don’t have to clean up a single dish!
  • Rejuvenate your soul and spirit, while you bury your toes in the warm sand at a wild river with snow capped mountains in the distance and spawning salmon in the water
  • Release old painful patterns in several letting-go rituals with a small group of women you trust
  • Be guided by an experienced transformational life coach and a licensed psychotherapist to transform your life and evolve it so you can flourish and thrive in life

I'm partnering up with my best friend, Lindsay Huettman, a licensed psychotherapist and nature guide.  She is an amazing, talented soul who has lots of experience guiding people into the depths of where they want to go.

In our weekend retreat at our beautiful homestead close to the North Cascades wilderness , you will deeply connect with your own soul, with nature, and with a small group of like-minded women who are also committed to their personal growth and self-actualization.

Is this retreat for you?

If you are stressed out, feel disconnected from nature and your own soul, crave the company of excellent women, then this retreat is for you.

We will not only pamper you with amazing food and gorgeous scenery, but also engage in practices and gentle rituals to help you break through old patterns. This will help you fully flourish in your life.

We will explore an old pattern in your life that repeats over and over again (for example putting yourself last, giving your power away to others, constantly getting sick, not reaching your highest potentials). You will gain crystal clear clarity.

You will free up energy, improve your health, lighten your spirit, connect with a soul tribe of sisters, so that you can move forward in your life to be the best person you can be.

We will name and start to transform the false beliefs that are at the center of this pattern. You will walk away with proven tools you can use for your whole life.

We will do this through one-on-one coaching, group work, rituals, exercises in nature, journaling, and more. You will experience deep support and encouragement.

There will be plenty of time to be alone as well. Bring a journal, your knitting, a good book. This is all about nourishing yourself on all levels: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.
You deserve to be pampered and nourished.You deserve this time to concentrate on yourself.You will go back home with a new perspective.

If you are interested, head on over to

my website to find out more information 

or to register if you are ready right now!

I don't know yet how many people might be interested in this, so if you are, you might want to register asap.  The retreat has limited space available and might fill up very fast, especially at our great first launch price!

PS: If you know a woman who might love to come, would you mind sharing this via e-mail or social media?

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