Sunday, May 28, 2017

I made a terrible mistake

When you are a parent, you need to be careful.  

Especially when you have two boys less than two years apart in age, who are competitive with each other.

I made a mistake when, a few months ago, I showed you guys a movie my younger son Luke made, and it got several hundred views.

Why a mistake?  Because his older brother Kai made a movie as well, and I never put it on the blog.  How mean of me.

So here I go, showing you Kai's movie, which is actually really funny.  He filmed it all by himself, and it's a spoof about reality wilderness survival shows.  How he knows how to nail the Australian accent, I don't know.

So without further ado, here is Kai's movie.  Please watch it.  It has to get as many (or more) views as his brother's, otherwise I'm screwed.

Click here to watch Kai's movie on my Youtube channel.


  1. My daughter and I laughed so hard we almost cried! Great job, Kai!!!

  2. I absolutely loved it!!! I needed to laugh and that I did. Tell him thanks for sharing his wit and humor.


    1. Awesome! Glad he made your day a little brighter!

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