Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Wanna go to Hawaii or Germany with me? Please help me plan by taking my short survey!

I'm cooking up a new idea: Leading a retreat in Hawaii, and then one in Germany.

We've been leading homesteading retreats on our beautiful homestead here in the Pacific Northwest for years.  So when one of my blog followers contacted me and asked me: "Do you want to come over to Hawaii and teach what you do here? People need what you have to offer?" --- it was no-brainer.

Go to Hawaii, teach what I know, and connect with cool people?  Gheee, I don't know.  Twist my arm?

And then I was thinking, since I'm German and have lots of connections there, why not organize a retreat over in Southern Germany?  People would learn skills like cheesemaking (and visit a local creamery), sauerkraut making (and eat famous German sausage with it), have me as a native speaking tour guide, and lots of others cool stuff.  Maybe I could teach how to make wine or mead, and then visit one of the local breweries?

It's all still in the dreaming phase, as you can tell, but hey, can you do me a HUGE favor???  I put together a short little survey to see if this is a totally dumb idea or not.  It would help me so much to get your feedback.  

Will you please take a couple of minutes to help me and fill out my survey?

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  1. You do realise that if you dare to show up in Germany, I will get over there and show up too, right?

    1. Well, that's one more reason to get this show on the road. That way, I'll get to meet the guy that makes me laugh all the time!

    2. It's geezer, hon. Not guy, geezer.
      And be careful what you wish for. ;)

      But it would be superb to get to meet you.... and seeing southern Germany at last!! Which part would that be? Stuttgart? N├╝rnberg? Oder gar Bayern?

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