Friday, September 22, 2017

What would you do?

In light of all the recent disasters with hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires, I've been thinking of emergency preparedness.  Do you ever plan on what you would do in an emergency?  I want to be prepared to take care of my family and animals in case of a disaster, and maybe you do, too.

So let me share something awesome with you, because when I run across something amazing I feel I would be doing you a disservice to not let you know about it.

Enter Jennifer and Bill Osuch, the creators of The Prepper Bundle, who I’ve been working with lately. You might know them from their website Self Reliant School where they teach gardening, real food cooking and preserving skills. They’re our kind of people!

They have put together an outstanding eBook and eCourse bundle. You might have seen one of their Back to Basics Bundles. Now, they are offering another bundle geared towards all aspects of preparedness. From food storage to bug out bags, from primitive survival skills to first aid and alternative medicines, the content is an in-depth collection of quality content geared toward the modern day Prepper.

The quality of resources, the step by step getting started guide, the seamless and incredibly easy to use download area, their unprecedented customer service (their goal is your happiness), and all the bonuses included in the bundle are incredible.

Since, I know you care about homesteading and living a wholesome life, I think you’re going to love this bundle! But it’s only going to be available for a limited time!

The Prepper Bundle includes 30 resources to help you better prepare for the unknown. You will learn about:

  • Alternative cooking techniques and recipes
  • Seed saving and gardening
  • Edible and medicinal wild plants
  • Creating a wholesome, healthy food storage
  • Learn about bushcraft and primitive survival
  • How to build the ultimate bug out bag
  • The blueprint to a first class first aid kit
  • Preparing for extreme weather
  • Plus learn how to do more things yourself, manage a small homestead, and much much more!

If you were to buy each of these resources separately you’d pay over $300, but for this short sale it’s 90% OFF!

It’s a super deal, no doubt! But it’s more than a great deal, it’s the information you need to help you ensure that you and your loved ones are prepared for any type of crisis or disaster.

But it’s kind of like buying in bulk, there’s a ton of stuff and it can be overwhelming. That’s why they have created a getting started guide to help you utilize the most relevant information to you so you can begin preparing immediately.

They have had thousands of satisfied customers from their bundles! No doubt because of Jennifer and Bill’s commitment to detail, excellence and sincere commitment to self sufficiency.

The bundle is only available until Monday at midnight!


  1. Ohhh, now you're on that slippery prepper slope too, huh.
    Watch it, paranoia, doom & gloom are lurking!
    Seriously, I got infected and got in too deep.

    Nice of them to sell their bundle so cheap. But what if the power goes?

    1. I know, I don't like the doom and gloom aspect of prepping. For me, it's just more of what we've been doing for years: being as self sufficient as we possibly can. My husband was into Tom Brown's teachings for a while, but they freaked me out too much with all the dark, gloomy, scary prophecy stuff... So I just keep chugging along with my homesteading tasks, being grateful for every day and all that stuff.

    2. I hear ya!
      I turned away from it too. But I can not unlearn and unknow....
      And if the Tom Brown stuff is freaking you out....
      How is the homesteading going now the kids are in school? They happy?


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