Friday, October 6, 2017

Homesteading in Paradise September, and also: chatting with me on Facebook Live!

Hello dears,

Here is the movie for September's Homesteading in Paradise series.  As always, lots of beauty and inspiration in that one.

Also, I wanted to tell you about something super fun l'm doing.  I want to connect with you, so I started doing Facebook Lives called "Coffee with Corina".

Oh my goodness, they are so much fun!  Steve and I did one Thursday morning, and even the dogs, ducks and chickens joined in.  Lots of people asked questions and popped in, and there's nothing more fun and rewarding for me than connecting with y'all!

You can ask me questions about:

* Homesteading tips and tricks
* Cheese making* Fermenting foods and drinks* Animal husbandry* Gardening* Favorite recipes* Canning and preserving* Making body care products*Mental health - how to stay sane (one can hope)* ... and anything else you want to ask (well, maybe not exactly EVERYTHING!) 

If you want to be notified in a quick email when I'm doing the next one, go ahead and sign up here!


  1. Coffee with Corina??
    Oh my....
    Too much free time on your hands now the kids are out, huh?

    1. Yeah, one would wish about the more-time-thing. I AM drinking more coffee now, though.

    2. With the kids in school all day you have to do whatever chores or tasks they used to do, too. A new routine. I need to be working out a new routine too, when I start working again. But I am so looking forward to it; a couple of hours a day at the local grocery store...
      That was one big ass mug! Even with decaf you'd get a jumpstart!
      And I did sign up......

      *ohh... psst.... I have started writing a book. Probably books... ;)*

    3. Oh wow, you are the first one who is bringing this up: that I have to do more chores! It's so true! My kids used to do almost all of the dishes and help with other chores. Now it's just me, although Steve does help a bunch, too.
      And a book??? Do tell more!

    4. Well, I have been given that advice a lot of times by people having read short stories or essays in the past and more recently because of my blog.
      And last weekend someone really urged me do it and I guess the time was right and I was ready. So I have begun. It'll be fiction, but heavily based on everything I do, have read and learned. The whole thing is already expanding into a sequel, maybe even trilogi.
      So far it is just short bits 'n pieces, a few pages each and it will have to be joined like a puzzle at a later date.
      Publication is a non-issue. Right now I am just having fun and go with the flow.

    5. Ron, that is totally awesome!!!!


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