Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Our mini vacation - because we deserve it

This spring and summer, when Steve and I worked our butts off, we kept our spirits up by knowing that a carrot was dangling in front of our noses.

When you work as hard as we do, you need a dangling carrot as a reward.

This is the carrot, and we consumed it last week.

In other words: we went to Mexico on a mini vacation.  Steve's amazing parents flew to our homestead to take care of our kids and animals, so we two lovebirds could enjoy some major, well deserved R and R.  

And we sure did.

Time together in the sun, waterfalls, Pina Colatas by the beach, magical sunrises and sunsets... we had it all for five days.

We flew to Nueva Puerto Vallarta and stayed in a gorgeous place by the ocean.  We bought this super inexpensive deal from Costco, and it was all-inclusive: a great hotel room, and we could eat and drink as much as we wanted, which is insane, because the food alone would have cost as much as the price of the whole package.

It blew our minds.  It's not something we usually do - usually we spend very little money on our vacations: backpacking up a mountain, going somewhere cheap where we can cook our own meals...

But this?  This?  


We spent plenty of time relaxing on the beach (I brought my knitting), playing in the waves, dunking in the pool, but we also did some active stuff.  One day, we rented a car and went exploring, finding many colorful places.

One of my favorites: a dog in a butcher shop, looking kind of guilty amidst all the roasting chickens...

And the pretty church with its white washed walls, brick ceilings and wooden floors...

Pelicans begging for food from the fish vendor...

Now we're back home in the cold Pacific Northwest.  It rained 2 and a half inches the day we got back.  It's all good, though, because we need the rain.  And the fall colors!!!! Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog post, because the fall pictures will blow your mind!

Are you enjoying fall?


  1. I LOVE Mexico. Such gorgeous colors. I want to live somewhere where it's acceptable to paint your house turquoise. Good on ya, mates!

    1. I love Mexico, too. Let's paint our houses turquoise anyway, okay?

  2. What a gorgeous spot! Looks like the perfect vacation.

  3. looks absolutely wonderful!!
    And yes, occasionally one needs to get out. Unfortunately we are not blessed with the circumstances to do so. So we'll just make do with what we have. Which is not much at the moment. It has been pouring all night & day, it is windy, cold and most trees are bare or all but. So pretty dreary...... Which makes lighting a fire in the fireplace a joy, having a cup of hot chai tea bliss, reading a book, doing some work on my own or just browsing the net relaxing too.

    1. We are in the same circumstances. We almost went to Yosemite yesterday because the fall colors are beautiful up there and it's only a 2 hour drive but we said no because there's too much work to be done before we start getting rain. It's OK. You know, in the "olden" days when travel was not easy it was for the very rich or the very footloose and fancy free. So we are blessed for the chai tea bliss and the warm hearth because not all people have that. We just saw a documentary on Detroit where a wheel chair bound guy was squatting in an abandoned house and froze to death. Yes, our karma is good and we are blessed.

  4. Wow! Looks like you two had a wonderful time! And I have no doubt that you feel completely rejuvenated.


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