Monday, May 21, 2018

Blooming, bubbles, and bliss

I was gone from our homestead for two and a half days, and when I returned, things had dramatically changed: roses were blooming, asparagus had turned into an old growth forest, grass grew two inches, and the garden decided to kick in vigorously.

Wowser! Blink once and miss all the gigantic growth going on this time of year!

I can't keep up with all the photos.  We took the ones below two weeks ago, and I assure you that things have grown much, much more since then.

Everything is blooming.  This time of year finds me blissfully sticking my nose into flowers. One would think I had learned my lesson when I got stung by a bee in the butt last week while mowing the lawn, but - no! I have to get as close as possible to all these blossoms.

I can't tell you how much is blooming, but here's some of it: (My favorites are the girls in the dogwood tree, of course).

There's so much to be done outside, I often get overwhelmed.  That's why I appreciate the times my hubby Steve puts his beautiful muscles to use when he helps me do some heavy lifting.  The other day, we worked together to spread mulch on the flower beds, after I had painstakingly weeded them.

Things now look sooooo gorgeous, I can hardly stand it.

We try to enjoy this beauty and relax on the porch, we really do.  Sometimes, it's hard to sit down when you see a hundred things that need to be accomplished, but the older I get, the more I allow myself the time to just be and enjoy.  

So when Eva and her friend blew bubbles, I joined in the fun. Nothing like blowing bubbles to bring out your inner child!

Two more things:

I finished the sweater that I started as roving. You can follow the process by joining our Patreon membership-only site, where I made movies about the whole process to teach you how to dye wool roving, spin it, knit it, and make a sweater.  

And the last thing: Our sons are participating in track, and in the last track meet, Luke qualified for finals at running the mile.  I'm proud of the guy, and so is his hugely smiling brother on the right.

PS: If you want to come to our homestead for a weekend in August and learn homesteading and wilderness skills, you can learn more by clicking here <---

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