Thursday, May 10, 2018

Spring, spring, springeding-ding!!! And our kids' summer camp is filling up!

One reason I'm freaking out is the picture below.  I'm talking about my first-born son, Kai, who went to his first prom last week, looking like a movie star, if you ask me.

Back many, many decades ago, when I was his age, I would have totally fallen for him.  I hope this doesn't sound weird, since I'm his Mom, but honestly?  Look at him!  (Also, I think his lovely date/girl-friend/friend seems to agree with my assessment of his handsome-ness, so it's not all just mother's bias).

I've been feeling nostalgic, I admit it.  Kai will start driver's ed next month.  Do I need to say more?  

My kid behind the wheel, speeding along a highway frequented by drunk drivers, massive elk who hurl themselves into cars, and foul-weathered, winding, slick or flooding roads.

It was not long ago when Kai was a little boy whom I simply could not keep dressed, running around stark naked chasing butterflies in the garden, with me the one and only woman in his life.

Now I have to share him, which I gladly do, because he tends to choose great girls, but still... he's not mine anymore  (Okay, okay, I never technically owned him, but ... you know...)

So now, feeling the passing of teenage-hood breathing down our necks, I'm consciously trying to enjoy all of my children even more than usual.

Below is my youngest child Eva with her best friend, doing what little kids are supposed to do, versus all the silly learning-how-to-drive-cars and taking-girls-to-the-prom business...

Just as my growing kids, spring is moving at a rapid rate, showing off all the fruit tree blossoms, churning out baby goats, and making the grass grow at record speed.

We have a new goat, which we exchanged for the one we had previously due to her psycho screaming loud tendencies.  I loved the loud goat very much, I really did, and I wished I could have kept her. 

This new one is a La Mancha, with an especially sweet, loving disposition.  Above all: she's quiet and comes with two babies who have elfin ears.  It's heaven, especially for Eva's girl-friends, who love to cuddle them.

Talking of Eva's girl-friends: I love, love, love bringing kids into our house and letting them experience a part of our homesteading life.  At a playdate a couple of weeks ago, Eva's friend got to play with goats, make pizza dough, and decorate faces on a nature walk to the creek.

It makes me so very happy to see kids so excited about nature.

~~~~~~ We still have a few spots open for our homesteading and wilderness camp for kids this summer, but they are filling up fast!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Check it out by clicking here <-----

If you've read my blog for a while, you know that nature is my church.  Nothing gets me more balanced, centered and happy to spend time outdoors.

Here's a few snapshot of our spring so far, when we've gone kayaking at Chuckanut Bay, bicycled in Skagit Valley's tulip fields, biked up to my favorite lookout at Cascade River Road, and dug in the garden.

As far as the garden goes, it's all planted by now!  In fact, Steve is setting up the greenhouse and planting tomatoes as we speak, since I'm feeling weak after not eating anything for three days with a stomach virus.

Gotta love that man!

I hope your spring is as lovely as ours.  What's up in your world?  

I'll leave you with pictures of fresh, raw milk after morning chores, to be made into Caerphilly cheese in my kitchen. 

And another one of me and the new goat with her babies.  Her name is Meadow.  Meadow in the meadow.  Perfect.


  1. Do you stagger your planting? I hate it when everything comes in at once and there's too much to eat fresh or even preserve. You must.

    Yes, Kai is one handsome guy. But is he handsome on the inside? I bet he is! I have a 26 year old daughter and I sometimes wish she would forget about the good lookin dudes and go for a less than perfect one with good character!

    That one picture of the river is incredible. The color!

  2. Off topic but I thought other people might be interested. I'm making chevre using your recipe. Is it OK to drain the whey in the refrigerator? Have you ever used "reculterable" Mesophilic (C1) as opposed to "direct set" (C101)? What's the difference?

    1. I just came in from working in the garden real quick. I answered your chevre question via email. You can re-culture mesophilic, kind of like sourdough starter, and keep it in the freezer. I've done it before, but it takes more work. I just really like the convenience of freeze dried DVI culture. I think the direct set is the culture they sell which has all the bacteria AND the rennet in it already, so it's super easy. I don't use that, since I use the drops of rennet like I taught you.

      To answer the questions above: I do stagger planting so I have more veggies coming on later in the season as well, especially lettuce.

      And yes, Kai is very handsome inside, too! He is a great, kind, funny, thoughtful kid!


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