Sunday, December 23, 2012

Images from our morning walk - an enchanted world

A miracle happened this morning:  The sun showed herself for more than two hours!  Steve, the little wee one, and I went for a walk just behind our house.  Here is what we saw:
It's gonna be a white Christmas!
Looking to the South.
Methusela's beard.
More Methusela's beard, hiding a little cabin in the woods.
The wee one playing in the moss.
Water, water, everywhere.
Magical forest.
Bear track.  There are lots of bears around here, and they don't hibernate.
Eva and me hugging a tree. She likes to do that.
Rotting maple leaves on cedar, backlit by rare sunshine.
Mushrooms and different mosses on a tree.
More mosses.
A hill of sword ferns.
Heading back home again.
Although this winter wonderland is very magical, it's also very wet and cold.  And the sun doesn't make lots of appearances in the winter.  We get 100 inches of yearly precipitation here.  That's a lot of rain!  So this year, we will flee this wetness and cold.  In January, the whole family will embark on an adventure of epic proportions, namely a camping trip to the Californian Redwood Forest, and then to Arizona, where the sun shines!  We found wonderful house sitters, and we will be gone for about six weeks, exploring and adventuring, and hopefully not killing each other in the process.  We will spend a lot of time with five people in close quarters.  But we kind of like each other (most of the time), so it should be great.  Whatever happens, it will happen in the sun, which will make everything easier!
Here is our RV:

I will keep you posted on the road!  There will be some great stories coming up, I hope!
Happy holidays to you all!


  1. Your photographs are wonderful and so is the idea of your upcoming road trip! When I was a little girl my family had a truck and camper and we would embark on long travels - a family of 7! I have wonderful, very clear memories. Have fun!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! How inspiring - a family of seven in a truck and camper. And you still like each other? There's hope for us, then!

  2. can't wait to see photos from the road!!!

  3. I'm so happy to be able to live vicariously through your blog and travels! This country has a lot to offer and it's important to see it. But, I think in the end, you'll arrive back home and be very thankful for that awesome little spot of land you call home. Keep the rubber side down and the posts a-flowing. Cheers!

  4. Glad you are having fun reading my blog! You are right, we will be grateful when we come back and appreciate our little spot of land even more. I had a dream the other night that we came back home to check on things, and the house sitter had put all the dirty dishes in the washing machine. In my dream, I couldn't wait to get out of there!


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