Sunday, December 9, 2012

Where she talks about breast cancer and christmas trees in one breath

Right now, right here, a piece of grace is happening.  I'm sitting in front of the gently twinkling christmas tree, while the kids are all playing upstairs.  No snotty noses to wipe, no whining to soothe, no anxiety attacks to manage.  Dishes are done, lamb shank is stewing in the crock pot, pumpkin pie is baking, and I am at peace.

Finally.  It's about time.

It's been a hard month.  First, I had to deal with a scary mammogram result, which rammed breast cancer and its ramifications into my chest, where I was convinced for an hour that the lump everyone was concerned about was indeed cancer.  How very, very scary, and how much I feel for the thousands of women out there who have dealt with it, are still dealing with it, have survived it, and have died of it.  It's no picnic, being a woman .

And then little Eva got sick with a fever, and she cried non-stop, without any other symptoms.  This is how my second son started his bout with a terrible disease almost three years ago.  A high fever, no other symptoms.  He ended up contracting a heart aneurysm from Kawasaki disease, had to stay at the hospital for a while, and now has to take blood thinning medication every day.  So you can see how a fever takes on a different twist in our house.  Fortunately, Eva vomited after a few hours, which was so very, very lovely, because we now knew that she just had the flu - not Kawasaki disease!

I take my health and my family's health for granted, because I have always been a strong Arian warrior,  and because we lead a very healthy lifestyle, but now that I have turned 40, my body is not like it was when I was 20.  And I have learned from first hand experience that your children can waste away in your arms, no matter how healthy you eat.  So I join the ranks of women who hold their children close to them, while they realize how very precious they are, and how very precious life is...

On this cheerful note, I want to report that we now, on this second advent, have a beautiful christmas tree and a not so beautiful handmade advent calendar (which is a tradition from my German childhood, where little presents are strung to a wreath, and the children get turns opening one present a day, starting on the first advent Sunday, and ending on Christmas).

We harvested our christmas tree under a power lines road, where the trees will be cut anyway, so they don't mess up electricity.

Apparently, it's a man's job to select a proper christmas tree.  See how seriously they are taking their job?
Success!  Thank you, sweet little tree, for giving your life for our enjoyment...
While the ducks are foraging for yummy things outside, the Christmas decorations are waiting to be put on the tree.
Look at her!  She is a knitting Gramma ornament!  Just right up my alley!  Plus, it's from Germany.

My sweet, old, stinky dog Pluto.
And then, of course, there is the Christmas baking.  I have three enthusiastic helpers and taste testers.
Happy holidays, everyone!  Cheers!

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