Sunday, June 13, 2021

Working with my sons - our new inspiring business!

So here's something amazing that happened: One of our long time blog readers (yes, that's you, Austin, and we love you!) hired our oldest son Kai to help her with landscaping work. Since Kai grew up on our homestead and knows how to work hard, efficiently and fast, this was a dream come true for her - and a great job for him!

Austin asked me to consult on a place owned by a family who runs an Air B and B. The owner ended up hiring me and Kai to make an ugly, weedy hillside into something nicer looking, and I came up with a plan to transform it. I made a rock garden and chose plants that help stabilize and prevent erosion, as well as deer-resistance and drought tolerance.

When I posted pictures on Facebook, more people asked me if we could help them, and voila, our new business was born: 

Smooth Sailin' Landscaping and Garden Design! (<-- You can click on that link to take you to the web page I made for it)


I am still working as a transformational life coach for women, but now I don't just transform lives, I also transform gardens and outdoor living spaces. I chose this very intentionally, because I've been sitting on my ass in front of the computer all day, and now I also get to use my body and muscles working outside. 

The best thing of all is that I get to work with my sons. Both Kai and Luke are incredible workers, have great attitudes and love being a part of the tangible results you get from transforming a patch of weeds into a gorgeous spot.

Kai just graduated from High School with a two year degree of college under his belt, thanks to a program called "Running Start", where smart, dedicated high schoolers take community college classes. His time is hugely freed up. Here he is, hard at work:

And Luke, my mountain bike-obsessed composer of amazing music (I'll share more about that in another post), is just about to end his year in 10th grade, so he'll be on summer vacation happy to work with us on jobs. That kid is strong! 
I feel a little bad that my sons have to work with their type A German workaholic mother, but I do think it's mostly rewarding and even fun for them. 

So if you're local-ish, check out our website and have me come out for a consultation, and if you're not local, we can still talk over zoom.

What are your dreams for a garden?

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