Sunday, December 28, 2014

Blessings, Christmas, and a birthday

Lately, I've been bursting at the seams with gratitude.  Everywhere I look, blessings lurk.  It's amazing, humbling, and gratitude-inducing.
Steve's parents are visiting and celebrated Christmas with us.  It was beautiful and mellow.  We sang Christmas carols on Christmas Eve (a tradition from my German upbringing), accompanied by Kai on the fiddle and Luke on the guitar.  We have been cooking and eating like kings.  I love watching Gramma and Grampa love up my kids.
And I am grateful that Pluto, my 14 and a half years old, trusted dog friend, is still with us this year.  He limps more every day, and seems to stink more every day as well, but I don't mind, and he doesn't either.

The other major celebration in our house was Kai's birthday.  He is 12 years old now, and heading towards teenage-hood.  He doesn't show any signs of broody teenage shenanigans yet.  On the contrary: His friend Alden came over for a playdate and sleepover, and in the evening, they all cooked dinner together.  It was a sight to behold: two twelve-year olds and a ten-year-old rubbing shoulders in the kitchen, chopping onions, browning meat, sauteeing vegetables, chatting about the best way to fillet fish, discussing the latest football scores.  It warms a mother's heart, it does.

Birthdays are a big excuse to bake up a storm.  I whipped up my famous sour cream coffee cake, fancy as can be, and also made a gluten free sweet potato and almond cake.  Add maple syrup sweetened whipping cream, and life's good.

The boys went fishing on a drift boat borrowed from a friend.  They saw so many bald eagles they lost count.  They fished their hearts out and got chilled to the bone, but that didn't stop them from having fun.  Kai brought home a hefty Dolly, which graced our dinner table the next night.

Since Kai took the spot light in this post, let me mention my other two kids.  Here is Lukas with a cowl he knit all by himself.  Yes, I know, I am bragging.  But my son?  Knitting a cowl?  All by himself?  
And little Eva with her new Christmas present.  This kid better learn to bike, because summer is coming!  (Eventually).
Happy Holidays to you!  May you feel lots of gratitude and many blessings!

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