Monday, December 1, 2014

We ate cockroaches, mealworms, and crickets for Thanksgiving. I'M NOT KIDDING YOU!

We ate cockroaches, mealworms, and crickets for Thanksgiving.  By "we" I mean Steve and Lukas, and our wonderful friend Brian, who brought them along for a stir-fry ingredient.  Although you can eat them raw, too.
Brian is onto something.  There are bug farmers in the world who believe that raising bugs for protein is the answer to world hunger, and I think they have a point.  You don't have to grow massive amounts of grain or grass to feed them.  They don't take up much space compared to cattle or pigs.  And many people in other places on our planet already eat them regularly.
As much as I absolutely love and adore Brian, there is no way in hell I will pop a fried cricket into my mouth.  You couldn't pay me enough money to bite into a tasty mealworm.  And cockroaches?  (Excuse me if I run into the bathroom and throw up right now...)
But my darling husband and son ate bugs this Thanksgiving.  Rite of passage, ey?

We had a wonderful time visiting with our friends these past two days and were very sad when they left, bugs and all.  I keep marveling at the caliber of people we call our close friends.  I got teary eyed looking around our Thanksgiving feast table.  (Don't worry, we did serve our homegrown chickens alongside our friends' homegrown bugs.)  We are very lucky to have such amazing folks in our lives.

And the other blessed thing?  Snow!  It snowed!  A little.  Enough for the little ones to put on snow pants, hats and mittens and roll a big snowball across the yard.
What are you thankful for right now?

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