Tuesday, December 9, 2014

This is important

I need to tell you about something, because I think it's important.  It's one of the most beautiful things I have heard in a long time.  Every time I listen to it, I get goose bumps, and chills run up and down my spine (which could be annoying, if you think about it, except it isn't, because it is so gorgeous).
I'm talking about my very dear friend Andrea's CD called "Sacred Breath", where she reads her wilderness-and-nature-inspired poetry, set to ethereal flute music by our friend Peter Ali.
Both of these people should be world-famous, they are that good.  They are famous in our state, but really should be known everywhere.
Truth be told, I usually am not crazy about  poetry.  But there is something about Andrea's way with words and images that stir my soul (and give me the aforementioned goose bumps).  Coupled with Peter's absolutely gorgeous flute playing, and... swoon!
So here's the thing: I urge you to get one (or more) of these CDs as a Christmas present for someone (or yourself).  Then you would see hear what I am raving about, and you would also support someone local, someone I care about a great deal.
Instead of supporting a big corporation, your purchase would go to a real-life, blood-and-flesh family.  And no, I don't get kickbacks on this.  It's just so darn good, and I want everyone to buy this CD.  Okay?
Go here to her online store and get it now.  Thank you.

Here is what the description says:

Poems inspired by wilderness from our very own author, Andrea Weiser, set to ethereal flute music by Peter Ali. These 12 original poems will nudge your soul. The beautiful tones of Native American and nordic flute music are all original by Peter A. Ali, as he responds to the imagery and depth of each poem. Hear eagle, wind, river, the core of a grandfather tree in the voices of flutes as you travel on a metaphorical journey. Professionally recorded at Fire Mountain Music of Mt. Vernon, WA, the sound is crystal clear. Presented with gorgeous cover art by our local favorite, Don Smith. Each cd case is made of 100% recycled paperboard, cd label hand applied with a permanent sticky back. Artwork ink on the cd itself is non-soluable, so even if you are in the Pacific NW it won't get ruined in a drizzle. This is a unique product that will open your heart space. A perfect gift for someone you love. Experience what live audiences already know--these two voices will heal you.

PS: If you want to buy more local stuff, you can also support Steve and me and buy Christmas gifts in our online stores. Here is Steve's, and here is mine.


  1. Corina, do you know where I can buy it locally? I think I just found the perfect secret gift for our office auction - which is Thursday!

    1. Andrea has the CDs at 5B Bakery in Concrete, also at the Rockport Bald Interpretive Center, and in Darrington at the Mountain Loop Coffee House, as well as in Anacortes. Where are you located?


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