Thursday, March 7, 2013


I can hardly believe it is spring. How do I know it's spring? For starters, we are out in the garden, shoveling compost, weeding the garden beds and paths, starting seeds, and waiting for baby goats to be born. There are also signs of crocuses wanting to bloom, and cyclamens and snow drops are bursting forth. Buds are swelling, and robins are patrolling the yard.

Steve is working full time, so it's usually just me getting dirty in the garden (while he busts his bootie planting trees for salmon habitat restoration at work). He helped me spread compost one day, which is so hugely helpful, because his man-muscle body can do more work than mine (I hate to admit it).  

As I am out there, weeding, shoveling and digging, I listen to my kids' voices. They are loud and mostly happy, with only an occasional argument from the boys or a wail from Eva. The most amazing thing this year is Eva's self-containment and independence. The boys often play with her, racing up and down the lawn, rough-housing on the trampoline, or pushing her on her tricycle (They are such great brothers, really). But she is also quite happy playing by herself, absorbed in her own world in the sand pile, or digging in the soil. A year ago, my spring gardening was much more sporadic, crammed in between Eva's naps, or precious moments stolen when Eva was content, instead of needing my attention. And then there were the years I gardened with infants or toddlers strapped to my back. (Is it any wonder that my back feels worn out sometimes?).

The boys are playing bike soccer.

Eva is helping.
She found a bird's nest up in the Fort.

There is something I haven't told you about yet. Three weeks ago, I started an elimination diet to find out if I have any food allergies. It's a way of reducing inflammation in the body. I have totally changed my way of eating: no sugar, no alcohol, no dairy, no gluten. That means all the fun stuff is gone from my life. No daily dose of chocolate, no glass of wine with dinner, no delicious slabs of bread with butter and home made goat cheese. When my friends started eating this way, I knew there was no way I could ever even attempt this. However, I am doing it, and I have for three weeks! I can hardly believe it! I feel good, but also very deprived. Life feels a little dull without all my little pleasures. Although I know I am doing something good for my body, something is missing...
After three weeks, I am supposed to introduce certain foods one at a time and then watch my body for reactions. I think I will stay on the elimination phase part for a little while longer, just to see what happens.  Below are muffins made with almond flour, duck eggs and a banana as the only sweetener.  You would be amazed how sweet a banana tastes to me now.  And carrots?  They are like candy.

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