Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sparks are flying!

These days, you need to be careful of crossing our path.  Sparks have been flying in every direction.  Steve and I are finding ourselves sucked into a powerful vortex of creation, which finds us armed with knitting needles and axes, and which catapults pieces of yarn and fiber (in my case) and wood chips and saw dust (in Steve's case) into our space.  
We are in a creation frenzy.  My knitting needles are moving so fast, I swear they heat up.  I finished my gorgeous, gorgeous sweater and am now working on custom orders.  A couple of weeks ago, several people posted pictures of a knitted fox hat on my Facebook wall, asking me if I could make these.  Ha!  Could I make these?  Yes, I could.

I am taking custom orders to knit these up on my smoking knitting needles as fast as I can.  If you want one (baby, toddler, child, or adult), let me know.  You can go here to order it.

And can I show off my sweater?  I feel a tiny little bit self conscious about boasting so much, but I love it, I love it, I love it!

In the meantime, Steve taught a bow making class to eight people.  It was a full house shop for sure!  I love that there are so many women wanting to learn the art of bow making.  (It helps that their instructor is so damn handsome).  They were all so excited and jazzed about making their own bow, they told their friends about it, and now Steve has to schedule another class for December.  If you want to participate, let us know ASAP so we can reserve you a space.

The other creative thing my hubby and I have been cooking up is a video about bow making.  He wants to show and share that you can make a bow with a green, fresh cut stave in a week, instead of having to wait for a year to cure it.
We are having fun with this, and I am learning more about video making.
Interestingly, our boys are watching what we're doing, and now they are making their own movies about spy stuff, involving blood (ketchup) and suspenseful sound effects.  I kind of wish they were making educational movies about nature instead, but if they are learning tech-stuff with blood and guts, so be it.

Here are some pictures of Steve doing his thing with the bow making.

What creative things have you been doing lately? 

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