Friday, April 10, 2015

How to grow killer onions - part 3 of my movie: Give 'em a haircut and fertilize them

Just as I finished filming my third movie about growing the best onions ever, I ran into a friend who has been following my video tutorial "How to Grow Killer Onions - Tips and Tricks to Revolutionize Your Method".  She and her husband have been arguing about the best way to grow their garden and handle their seedlings, and she decided to follow my advice.  Yes!  I'm starting an onion revolution!  Take back your onion power, girls (or guys)!

My friend was wondering what to do next, so just in time, here is the third movie.
This movie is about how to fertilize your starts and how to give them a haircut for optimal growth.

If you missed the other installments, the first movie is about how to start onions from seed.

The second movie is about what to do once they have germinated.

Long live the onion!

Let me know how your growing adventure is going!


  1. Great videos! You've inspired me to make a video of how to make rags rugs.

    You have got me inspired to grow onions, too. Onions grow really well around here but seeding them directly into the ground had never worked for me. Probably a number of factors but mostly I have bad timing, bad soil and bad water. All things I have taken steps to correct.

    I never knew about the "haircut" and I have never used fertilizer but I am going to now. Is fertilizing another name for "inoculation"?

    Thanks for these tips! I greatly appreciate it! (Right now I have collards, kale and broccoli growing gangbusters. The tomatoes will catch up and they are under the protection of a small hoop house during cold nights.)

    1. Glad you like the video! Glad you have other stuff growing, too!
      Inoculation is not the same as fertilizing. You fertilize growing plants to provide nutrients to the plant. Inoculating is done with seeds. I never do that, except with peas and beans so they can fix nitrogen.
      Just fertilize them with fish fertilizer!

    2. Apparently Penny Hewitt inoculates her seeds. I have to look into that more. I guess it's for what it sounds like. Like a vaccination against disease. I am watering my healthy pepper starts with the fish emulsion. I have Shisito and Pim starts (both japanese) and they are on the outdoor porch hardening off. The Thai peppers (Prik Chi Faa) didn't even sprout. I think they may have sent me a bad batch of seeds.

    3. Yes, I read that in "The Nourishing Homestead". I've never inoculated seeds, so it's new to me, but Penny seems to swear by it.


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