Sunday, August 16, 2015

I wish you could sit at my kitchen table and smell this...

I wish you could stick your nose into my kitchen right now.  You would be transported to Italy, with smells of caramelizing, roasting tomatoes, garlic, basil and rosemary.  Our tomatoes are going nuts in our greenhouse, so I decided to roast some for freezing later.  

If you come by and can't find us, we are probably in the greenhouse.  Steve and I sneak in there a lot during the day to grab sun warmed tomatoes, eating them like apples. I often visit the greenhouse as soon as I wake up - even before milking the goats.  The smell is intoxicating, and the sight of the plants bending with their heavy load is something to behold.

While I'm roasting tomatoes in the oven, I'm also making pasta sauce for dinner, simmered and reduced to sticky sweetness on the stove all day, to be served with homemade pasta.  Does life get any better than this?

Yes, I just woke up.

This week has been all about food and drink.  There was a wedding at the neighbors' who begged me to make fresh Chevre and homemade cheesecake.  I obliged, of course.

Then there's Kombucha... We are drinking lots of it.
And the Beet Kvass is ready, too.  It looks gorgeous, made with beets, salt and whey - pink as pink can be, and apparently very, very healthy.

Also, I've been making lots meals with my Cabra Al Vino cheese and taking pictures of them for my upcoming online cheese making class.  

My kids love the Kombucha
Twice fermented Kombucha, this time with blackberries.  See the bubbles?
Beet Kvass.  Crazy color, right?

The boys were at the County Fair and spent time away at a sleepover, so little Eva and I had some nice girl time.  Later in the week, her best friend joined her.  What do we do?  Walks in the woods, girl things like painting nails (hers, not mine), taking the goats for walks.

When the boys are back home, we girls need a little time to re-adjust to the wilder boy energy.  I love it when one of the boys will slow down long enough to cuddle on the sofa, reading a book to their little sister.  And when the energy bubbles over too crazily, we head on over to the creek, where they get their yahyah's out.


Maybe you be blessed with tomato-overabundance, too, and maybe a hit of energetic boy energy!


  1. Are you able to grow any veg in your greenhouse over the winter? And I noticed you didn't mention how the beet kvass tastes!

    1. We move our greenhouse over the kale and collards in the winter and have greens all winter long. And the beet kvass? I really like it!

  2. Yeah... I wish I just could...

  3. "...where they get their yahyah's out." Love it!

    OK, I only made one batch of oven-roasted tomatoes, the rest have been lazily peeled and stuck in freezer bags. But I am motivated once again - thank you!


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