Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Life changing

Let's talk about something I haven't talked about on this blog.  In this virtual space, I write mostly about our homesteading life, which is meant to educate and inspire you.  I love being of service in this way.

But there is another huge love in my life, my real soul's work, and that is helping people change their lives as their transformative life coach.  I especially love working with mothers.

There are so many women who are suffering, and you might be one of them, or know one of them.

You might be hurting inside, sick and tired of repeating the same old patterns over and over again.  You are hitting a personal glass ceiling you can't break through, and you don't know why.  

For some of us, it's about being completely stressed out and overextended, feeling like we can never catch up, never measure up to our ideals of being the perfect mother/wife/daughter/friend.  We believe we are stuck and have no choice.

Some of us believe we have to put ourselves last, put other people's needs above our own, constantly abandoning ourselves and resenting everyone else.

Many people don't even know what self-care looks like - the kind of radical love for our own self that will propel us into thriving in life.

For some, it's never finding a fulfilling love life.  Many people believe they can never find the right person, that love is not possible for them.  Or if they are in a relationship, they are not happy with the person.

You probably read this blog because you are drawn to our lifestyle, you connect with us on some level.  Many of you come here because you get inspired and like the positivity.

But can I tell you something?  Despite all the positivity on my blog, despite looking like living a dream life, I used to struggle with depression and burn-out.

Even after reading dozens of self-help books, going to counseling and psychotherapy for years, and "working" on myself diligently, I still felt that things weren't right, and I felt guilty about it because my life was pretty great.

I felt unfulfilled, stressed out, depressed, anxious, resentful and completely overextended a lot of the time.

I carried a lot of guilt about my mothering.  I had all these ideas in my head of how I wanted to mother and be present for my kids, but I often felt resentful, unfulfilled, and even (gasp!!!) bored when taking care of them.

When I found Claire Zammit's Feminine Power work, I immediately resonated with it.  I took her seven week course, which changed my life because it got me in touch with a younger self inside of me that had gotten neglected all my life.  This younger self believed she was not wanted, not good enough, not worthy.

Things shifted for me dramatically when I applied the tools I learned.

I then took the nine months mastery course, which went much deeper into this work.

After that, I took the leadership course.

And then I got certified as a Feminine Power coach and have been coaching women ever since.

My clients' feedback has been incredible.  Their lives change when they coach with me, in as little as two months.  I get teary reading their testimonials.

You can read some of the testimonials here.

This is incredibly powerful work, and having someone hold a safe container for them while they shift their identities is a huge honor.  

I offer a free intro session via phone, and if you feel called to going deeper and finding out more, please head on over to my website and sign up for a free session.  I would love to partner with you, to help you midwife your potentials into this world.

I have a limited amount of free intro sessions available, so if you want to explore with me, claim your free intro session now!

PS: Yes, this is me in a summer dress in the snow, in very, very, very cold weather with a big Northeaster blowing in.  Steve and I did a photo shoot to show you to shake things up a little!


  1. I was failing at my job years ago and my boss sent me to a wonderful woman very much like you who helped me change from a self sabotaging person into a self supporting person. I am very much in support of this kind of support. Now I have a simple evaluation I do with everything that happens to me and I'm not disgruntled or destructive against myself. Oh yeah I still get depressed. That is legacy. But now I know what to do with it when it washes over me.

    I hope people feel safe in making that call to you. I think that whatever fear they may have about it will dissolve once they start working. You know that old song "Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me"? Yes, Peace and love. Renee

  2. I'm singing that song in my head right now.
    Thanks for your positivity, Renee,
    I'm glad you found someone to help you transform. It feels like being a midwife, in a way: helping to birth a new self that's more supportive to oneself...


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